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2026 FIFA WORLD CUP: Morocco Loses Hosting Right To North America

June 13, 2018

The United State of America, Canada and Mexico will combine to host the 2026 FIFA world cup after stripping off the hosting right from Morocco, FIFA has confirmed.

The North Americans received 134 out of the 203 votes whereas Morocco pulled 65 votes at the FIFA Congress in Moscow – Russia.

The North Americans celebrating their victory over Morocco

The participating clubs in the 2026 world cup will be expanded from 32 countries to 48 regardless of the reforms made by Gianni Infantino and FIFA.

It is the fifth time Morocco has failed with a bid to hot world cup as the North American won 33% of the vote cast today at Moscow.

Both bids were given 15 minutes to convince the gathering in front of congress, the North Americans pledges that the tournament would generate 11 billion dollars profit, while Morocco said theirs would make 5 billion.

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