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AKUAPEM: LEAP Beneficiaries Receive Support

The Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP)  beneficiaries in the Akuapem North Municipality in the Eastern Region have received financial support from the  Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection.

August 17, 2018

The Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP)  beneficiaries in the Akuapem North Municipality in the Eastern Region have received financial support from the  Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection.

Funds ranging between GHC 76.00 to GHC 120.00 where disbursed to 158 people subject to the condition of the beneficiaries selected from six communities including: Teiko, GboloKofi, Sonkonya, Tokoaboba, Kwaku Affum and Behenase.

The leap program which was introduced by former President John Agyekum Kuffuor was aimed at providing financial assistance to Orphans, disabled, handicaps and people above 55 years where the Gender Ministry visits different communities every two months and distribute their money to them.

Witnessing the 55th LEAP disbursement, the outgoing Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Mr. Otiko Afisa Djaba commended some beneficiaries who have been able to establish businesses out of the little leap benefits which is fetching them income.

“People will say the amount is low but when you go to the villages is a huge money and thus why some are able to start their own businesses out of it” she indicated.

She said the ministry has included free health screening where the aged can be screened of Blood Pressure (BP), diabetes and other ailments on the day of disbursement of their LEAP benefits.

While accepting the many challenges confronting the LEAP program just like any other human institution, he assured the ministry’s commitment towards it sustainability.

She reiterated that “the leap is working and it is supporting the very poor people. Every institution that handles human beings has issues and challenges and so you will find out that some of the beneficiaries who were registered were not credited and so we have been able to fine the total number of people who were not credited in the last payment but quite a number of them has been credited for this month”.

She however advised the beneficiaries to check their e-swish account if they are unable to come for their money since their account is supposed to be credited and for that matter, cautioned them to spend properly and take good care of themselves by exercising and living a healthy life style.

Mrs.  Otiko Djaba said she has not authorized any person to collect an amount of GHC 421.00 from any LEAP beneficiary before they receive their share of the fund and cautioned the general public to beware of such scammers.

“Leap beneficiaries take GHS 1 daily, so if you take so much from them you are just a sinner and you are cheating the very poor. You should give to them not take from them. I have issued several disclaimers and still day-in-day-out people who are desperate fall for it that we are giving them motor bicycles but the ministry of gender does not give motor bicycles to anybody” she emphasized.

She also opined she does not have any Facebook account as many are using her name to defraud others, adding that the ministry of Gender does not give jobs, motor bicycles or better still does not pay anything on the leap apart from money it gives to the beneficiaries.

“Anybody on Facebook or any place using my name Otiko is a fraudster because you cannot be cheating the extremely poor people and it is because they don’t have it that is why the government Is giving these small amount to them. I will plead with you not to pay money to anybody and if you are looking for a job you should go and fill your form, we don’t charge anything. Those fraudsters should bear in mind that God is watching them, every day for thief man, one day for God” she reiterated.

Madam Victoria Asiedua, a beneficiary who spoke in an interview with The Bryt FM said the introduction of LEAP has helped her and was able to establish her own store for petty trading in a community called Teiko.

“When the money came for the first time I began a sandals business and it is helping me make a lot of profit which I use to take care of my family” she testified.

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