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Expired Medication Leaves A Baby With A Chest Infection

June 13, 2018

A one year-old baby has been diagnosed of chest infection after he was allegedly injected with expired intravenous drug, Benzyl-penicillin at Amasaman in the Ga-West Municipal Hospital on Tuesday.

According to the victim’s mother, Linda Sarpong, it took the vigilance of a night-shift nurse to identify that all the seven drugs prescribed for the baby were expired but were purchased at the hospital’s pharmacy.

“The series of test run earlier was negative, so a specialist came around to check the baby’s BP and indicated my baby had Bronchopneumonia. He then prescribed some drugs which we bought from the hospitals pharmacy” she said.

She also complained: “At about 1am, a nurse came around to check up on the baby and realized the drugs were expired. She asked me to go back to the pharmacy with a receipt for a replacement. All the drugs had different expiring dates mostly in 2017”.

The father, Kwame Sarpong, was disappointed in the authorities of the hospital alleging they are refusing to accept the fact that the drugs were expired.

“We went to see the medical superintendent about the expired drugs but he has been ignoring us” he added.

This is the latest in the wave of medical negligence cases recorded in some health centres across the country.

Source: Ben – Dave Ardisson N. Osei

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