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New Jaubeng SHS Wins Visual Arts And Drawing Competition

June 14, 2018

New Juabeng Senior High School has won the 4th Edition of this year’s Visual Arts and Drawing Competition organised by the Centre for National Culture at the Eastern Regional Capital Koforidua.

Among the nine SHS that participated in the said competition, New Juabeng came first with 51 marks, Oyoko Methodist was second with 49 marks, S.D.A SHS had 45 while Aburi Girls had 44.5 marks.  The rest, Oti Boateng had 43 marks, Pojoss had 41 marks, Mount Sinai had 40 marks, Koforidual Sec-Tech had 39 marks and the Pentecost SHS had 33 marks.

The theme for the SHS Visual Arts and Drawing Competition was, “Emphasizing the role of Visual Arts in National development: Re-setting the mind set of Citizens.

Mr. Stephen Sedofu, the Regional Director, Centre for National Culture in the Eastern Region called for recognition of art education to encourage and support more students in the Visual Arts department.

According to him, Eastern Region is blessed to have a programme of this nature with the capability of motivating the young ones to develop the habit of joining the creative arts industry.

He said organising such programmes will alert the youth to indulge themselves in the creative Arts industry and would create several jobs which will reduce the teaming unemployment youth saga and save Ghana from the unemployment problems.

Mr. Stephen said, the Education Ministry needs to recognise that the skills developed through visual arts experiences helps to promote problem solving, creativity, observation and communication as well as critical thinking which is necessary for national development.

Mr Stephen Sedofu explained that the programme was to motivate the youth to develop and promote the creative industry for them to be self-employed.

“Let’s be very proud of what we are doing and instead of waiting on the Government to employ people, we would rather employ people”, he said.

He concluded that, the new breed of Visual Arts graduates would set up their own industries and employ others to control the unemployment situation in the country.

Source: Boateng Evans.

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