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உட்டோயா.  10 years after Breivik's attempt to "protect the white race."  Norway breeds for victims |  News from around the world

உட்டோயா. 10 years after Breivik’s attempt to “protect the white race.” Norway breeds for victims | News from around the world

It is exactly ten years since the bombing of an area of ​​government buildings in Oslo on Friday afternoon 2011. Eight people were killed and more than 200 were injured in the blast, but that was not the end of tragic events.

Anders Breivik and his statement to protect the white race

The perpetrator of the attack, dissatisfied with Labor’s openness to immigrants, had already traveled to the Norwegian island of Utah, where members of the AUF, a youth organization affiliated with the Labor Party, were staying at a summer camp. Breivik killed 69 people there and opened fire on the victims.

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The attack shocked the Norwegians. This is the greatest tragedy of its kind in the history of the country. Shortly before the attacks, Anders Breivik sent his report to politicians and the media, in which he wrote about the need to protect the white race. He described how the person prepared for the attack and obtained weapons and ammunition. He also wrote about his intentions. He wanted to celebrate the murders with a bottle of wine in the company of two women. However, when the police reached the island, he immediately put himself in their hands. During court hearings, he raised fascist gestures.

Survivors: Right-wing extremism threatens the world

A decade after the tragedy, survivors in Utopia say right-wing extremism is a threat to the world. – Ten years later I thought we would live in a society where racism or extremism is less. Meanwhile, this extremism is even stronger in Norway and Europe – said Astrid Home, leader of the youth wing of the Norwegian Workers’ Party, which was saved from the massacre 10 years ago. As she hid on the cliff, as she thought then – she sent a farewell message: “I love you so much in the world, don’t call me, you’re the best parent.”

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– After the tragedy, we said it was important to be together and talked about how to overcome hatred, which is an attack on the whole of Norway. But he also stressed that this was a political attack on Labor and the AUF.

Home as one of the survivors, there have been discussions about Breivik’s mental state, remembering the victims for a decade, but not about the ideology he spoke through. Another person recalled that the attacks inspired by Breivik were repeated in the United States, New Zealand, but also in Norway.

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On the eve of the anniversary on the island of Utah, the survivors met with the Prime Minister of Norway, the Prime Minister of Sweden and the Leader of the Labor Party Jonas Kahr Store. In Oslo, politicians, royalties and families of victims will attend celebrations at the government building on Thursday. When they do, the names of those killed will be read. At 7:00 pm local time, City Hall bells will ring 77 times.

Anders Breivik complains about Norway

Anders Breivik was sentenced to 21 years in prison, the highest in Norway – but could be extended if the court finds that person is a threat to society. Six years ago, he was prosecuted by authorities convicted of human rights abuses, but his complaints were rejected by a Norwegian court and the European Court of Human Rights.

Breivik is 42 years old today and wants to sell the rights to a book about his life. Assassin estimated the release and rights of the film at 8 million euros – it is not known if anyone responded to the proposal – he writes RMF FM.