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கசடு.  He amazed everyone and rode with inspiration.  "I was not expecting myself"

கசடு. He amazed everyone and rode with inspiration. “I was not expecting myself”

ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz Unexpectedly Włókniarz Częstochowa 48:42. It was Norbert Krakowicz who led the hosts to victory, who surprised himself with his score.

Jack Forden

Norbert Krakowicz

WP SportoweFakty / Krzysztof Konieczny / Photo by Norbert Krakowiak

On Friday evening, the main author of the ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz hit was Norbert Krakowiak, who scored 17 points against the set. His only winner became Copper Vorina.

– This is a great match for me and the whole team. I did not expect it myself because I did not change much in my product and equipment. I’m gradually growing somewhere, we’ve worked with the team, and that has changed today – said Norbert Krakowicz in the post-match mix.

Prior to the meeting, visited Włókniarz Częstochowa Grudziądz, who is currently battling any injuries. The hosts were forced to deal without their leader – Nicki Pederson. ZOOleszcz GKM was able to overcome the lack of a better competitor, and theoretically benefited from the absence of Krakowicz Dane.

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– Truth be told, since there are only four of us and I have five / six gears, I know I can allow myself to make mistakes. Not like before, this may be the reason for driving more leisurely, let alone make this mistake – 22 years old. – Nicky always supports us, I saw from the corner of my eye I received congratulations from him, I also congratulate him if he sees it, I hope he will come to us soon – he broadcast the game in eleven.

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Grudziądz’s team is still fighting for promotion to the play – off stage, and it should do without a key player. Without it, would the mobilization of all the speedway riders of this club be high?

– Hard to say. It seems to me that everyone out there is centered on themselves and always wants the best. Now there is a situation where individual players cannot be allowed to act badly. We also have great juniors, so if anything happens they will jump like Cockpar Plutra who sealed my victory in the fourteenth race. Since the start of the season, the juniors have been playing better, which is a great support for us – rated Krakowicz.

Cobber Vorina, the leader of the newcomers in this fight, won by 12 points. One of ROW Rybnik’s students admitted to adding only one “brick” to his ending.

– Grudziądz It seems to me that track is known to be competitively important, but fit and speed make a big difference. I estimate my contribution to be 25% – said Kuber Vorina, who attributed the key merit to the mechanics’ score.

The question also arose as to what made his team so difficult in this match.

– Maybe those matches. It’s hard to say why, and the time for this analysis will definitely come, ” the 25-year-old concluded.

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