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கசடு.  He became the hero of the motorbike.  Conversation with Tomasz Gollob helped him

கசடு. He became the hero of the motorbike. Conversation with Tomasz Gollob helped him

Motor Lublin defeated Apator Toruń’s PGE Ekstraliga For Nature Solutions in the fourth round by six points. Such a decision would not have been possible without Jarosław Hampel’s excellent play.

Simon Mikhailsky

Jaroslav Hampel

Press Material / Motor Laplin / Presmislav Kapka / Photo: Jaroslav Hampel

The 40-year-old added 12 points to the team’s record. Jarosław Hampel’s performance was amazing, the player struggled with issues in previous games, and his best performance this season was scoring 6 “points” in Corzo.

– The most difficult enemy, especially those who are at home on the track, he is always dangerous because he knows the paths etc. There are always many opportunities, many unknowns after my weak performances – Hampel said on the post-match mixzon. – Keeping everything in order is hard work when you are down, when you are not going and when this form is weak. I am very happy with this game today. I hope this will be the start of a new hand for me and I will be able to ride like that in the next few games – with the addition of Kennel + Sport 5 in the air.

As it turns out, Thomas Golob contributed to the transformation of Humble. Had a long conversation with the 2010 world champion motor rider and it was helpful.

– We enjoyed talking for a long time. Thanks so much Tom for this conversation. I will not release any details. We talked a lot about equipment, self-confidence and how I can always feel like a young player and use it, Hampel commented.

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– I have experience, in fact you have to arrange some hardware things. Despite my experience it sometimes takes more time. These are the most important features. I took a big step forward and wanted to confirm it – I briefly told Motor Lublin Rider.

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