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கசடு.  Season of change.  The individual Poland Championship is set to begin this year

கசடு. Season of change. The individual Poland Championship is set to begin this year

This year’s individual Poland championship starts on Wednesday. The first four quarterfinals will be held, and we remind you that this year, for the first time, the finals will be held.

Stanislav Vrona

Maciej Janowski (left), Bartosz Zmarzlik (center) and Janusz Kołodziej

WP SportoweFakty / Jakub Brzózka / Photo: Maciej Janowski (left), Bartosz Zmarzlik (center) and Janusz Kołodziej

For at least five years starting this season, IMP finalists will play in three finals, after which the national champion will be announced. Additionally, the series has a title sponsor, also known as the Canal + Online Individual Polish Championship. Another novelty is that it only plays in one semifinal and nominates multiple players directly to the final, according to a special key.

In the series of finals, IMP medalists from the previous season, regular participants in the Speedway Grand Prix and last year’s individual junior Polish champion will be guaranteed places. Therefore, the finalists Bartosz Zmarzlik, Maciej Janowski, Janusz Kołodziej, Paweł Przedpełski, Patryk Dudek, Jakub Miśkowiak and Dominic Kubera received permanent “wild cards” from the organizers.

Due to this situation, the contestants will compete for an additional eight seats in a semi-final scheduled for May 25, the location of which will be announced later. First, however, there will be four quarterfinals in which the top four matches in each match will be advanced to the semifinals. On Wednesday, May 4, players will fight for more competitive passes in Bosnas, Gdansk, Tornov and Lodz.

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Since the number of places is strictly limited, only after the first four places have been advanced (from Gdańsk and Łódź, they will be allocated extra), it is guaranteed that the quarterfinals will be more enjoyable and there will be no shortage of surprises in form. Favorites are not advertised. The initial listings given last week will certainly change a little and not the mentioned and injured Dominic Kubera in Poznań. Due to injuries, Patrick Rolnicki and Jacob Kravzic will definitely not fight in the quarterfinals.

The first eight places will advance from the semifinals to the final. The last place before each match will be decided on a “wild card” basis. The finals are scheduled for three Mondays and we do not yet know their location. However, it will be a definite novelty in terms of what the fans have used in the history of hosting individual Polish championships.

In addition to extending the tournament to three finals, the Polish team relinquished the title of champion by organizing the final battle for medals at the National Championships. In addition, the scoring system changes slightly in the three finals and the winner can score a maximum of 19 “points” – one for every six heats and one for the rider with the most wins in each race. Of course, this year’s individual Polish championship will be unique, and their first accent will take place on Wednesday, when the quarterfinals will be played.

Bartos Smarslik will fight this season to defend the individual Polish championship from last seasonBartos Smarslik will fight this season to defend the individual Polish championship from last season

Starting lists for the individual Poland Championship quarter-finals – May 4, 2022:

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1. Gdańsk Coast
2. Christian Bissek (ROW Rybnik)
3. Victor Trofimov (Gdańsk Coast)
4. Adrian Gala (Gdańsk Beach)
5. Krzysztof Sadurski (Wilkie Krosno)
6. Damien Pavlizak (Falubaz Zielona Góra)
7. Rafał Karczmarz (Wilki Krosno)
8. Mateusz Tonder (Falubaz Zielona Gira)
9. Grzegorz Zengota (ROW Rybnik)
10. Wokniarz Częstochowa
11. Simon Woniak (Stall Korsov)
12. Michał Gruchalski (Orzeł Łód)
13. Oscar Fajfer (Start Guinness)
14. Sebastian Sostak (Astrovia Astro Wlkp.)
15. Cocker Łobodziński (GKM Grudziądz)
16. Jacques Foxda (Astrovia Astro Wlkp.)
17. Nile Daft (Falubaz Zielona Góra) – Balance
18. Seweryn Orgacki (GKM Grudziądz) – Balance
Progress to the semifinals: 4 players + 1 balance

1. Norbert Cozy (Orzeł Łódź)
2. Viktor Jazinsky (Stahl Korsov)
3. Marcin Novak (Orzeł Łódź)
4. Mateusz Bartkowiak (Stal Gorzów)
5. Piotr Protasiewicz (Falubaz Zielona Góra)
6. Przemysław Pawlicki (GKM Grudziądz)
7. Piotr Gryszpiński (Gdańsk Coast)
8. Cocker Plutra (GKM Grudziadz)
9. Grzegorz Walasek (Ostrovia Ostrów Wlkp.)
10. Jacques Kravsik (Astrovia Astrov Wlkp.)
11. Bardos Smectola (Włókniarz Częstochowa)
12. Cocker Krzelak (Astrovia Astro Wlkp.)
13. Piotr Pavlikki (Union Lesno)
14. Przemysław Konieczny (Polonia Bydgoszcz)
15. Daniel Cosmerack (Kolajars Ravich)
16. Lars Skupień (Polonia Piła)
17. Wiktor Rafalski (GKM Grudziądz) – Balance
18. Patryk Zieliński (Unia Tarnów) – Balance
Progress to the semifinals: 4 players + 1 balance

1. Tobiasz Musielak (Wilkie Krosno)
2. Adrian Cyber ​​(Colleagues Opol)
3. Krzysztof Kasprzak (GKM Grudziądz)
4. Cockpar Komolski (PSŻ Poznań)
5. Simon Slaterbach (Start Guinness)
6. Marcin Jędrzejewski (Polonia Piła)
7. Tomas Kapinsky (Astrovia Astro Wlkp.)
8. Zbigniew Sucheki (Start Gniezno)
9. Jaroslav Hampel (Motor Lublin)
10. Damien Palinsky (Kolejors Ravich)
11. Dominic Kubera (Motor Lublin)
12. Damien Trost (Kolajars Ravich)
13. Hubert gowik (Stal Rzeszów)
14. Krzysztof Buczkowski (Falubaz Zielona Góra)
15. Norbert Grudziądz (GKM Grudziądz)
16. Adrian Mitsiski (Polonia bytkosss)
17. Kevin Fazfer (PSŻ Poznań) – Balance
18. Fabian Ragus (Falubaz Zielona Góra) – Balance
Progress to the semifinals: 4 players

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1. Piotr Świercz (Unia Tarnów)
2. Patrick Rolnicki (Union Dornov)
3. David Lampard (Stal Rzeszów)
4. Oscar Popper (Union Dornow)
5. Bartholomew Kovalsky (Sparta Wroclaw)
6. Gleb Czugunow (Sparta Wrocław)
7. Mateusz Świdnicki (Wikniarz Czstochowa)
8. Order Mroska (Polonia Pila)
9. Victor Lampard (Motor Lublin)
10. Daniel Zhelenievsky (Polonia Bytkos)
11. Mateusz Cierniak (Motor Lublin)
12. David Rembala (Falubaz Zielona Góra)
13. Patryk Wojdyło (ROW Rybnik)
14. Mateusz Szczepaniak (Wilkie Krosno)
15. Ernest Kosa (Gniezno Launch)
16. Michał Curzytek (Sparta Wrocław)
17. Piotr Piro (Unia Tarnów) – Balance
18. Mateusz Gzyl (Unia Tarnów) – Balance
Progress to the semifinals: 4 players

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