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கசடு.  The Micro Movement determined everything.  Start the mountain in a crazy confrontation with ROW

கசடு. The Micro Movement determined everything. Start the mountain in a crazy confrontation with ROW

The Crazy Course had a very important competition in the context of the struggle to be eliminated in the eWinner 1st League. In the end, Aforti Start Gniezno defeated ROW Rybnik 45:43.

Mateusz Domański

Nikolai Clint (white helmet), Antonio Lindbeck (red) and Christian Baischek (yellow)

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Szmyd / Photo: Nicolai Klindt (white helmet), Antonio Lindbaeck (red) and Krystian Pieszczek (yellow)

It’s going to be a big war, it’s going to be a battle for life, it just was. Gniezno and ROW Rybnik’s Aforti Start players did everything they could to catch their breath in the fight for maintenance. From the beginning of the meeting, an incredible amount of walking took place on the track.

There were waterfalls, there were controversies, there was even concrete from Gnisnow. The latter, in principle, should come as no surprise to anyone. Gnisno residents were able to predict that such an oval would be produced.

The assembled audience saw the meeting full of suspense. The fight was not entirely reduced. A lot has happened in 7th gear and beyond. Back then, Antonio Lindbeck fought frantically against Andreas Liqueur for three points.

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The opponent of the start seemed to win, but in the last meter the opponent blocked his way. The red and black representative was boiling with anger. After the race, he kicked the wheel of his competitor’s motorcycle, which the judge classified as non-sporting behavior.

Ryszard Bryła showed Lindbeck a red card. This complicated the situation for the locals because Sweden rode solidly from the start. Although the experienced player was excluded, Start did not give up the lead until the end of the match.

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Before the races were recommended for this spectacular display, we had a four-point lead from Forty Start. So, nothing else could have happened. Emotions were at their peak.

It was 42:40 for the red and black teams before the last heat. So, the last version of this contest decided about everything. And basically what happened before her. Grzegorz Zengota, for the second time in this match, was pulled slightly under the tape for which he was dismissed.

It signifies departure success. In the interrupted race the guests immediately moved to the double lead. If they win 5-1, they will win the match.


Afford Start Kinesno – 45 pkt.
9. Antonio Lindbeck – 4 + 1 (2 *, 2, w, w)
10. Ernest Cosa – 6 + 2 (2,1 *, 2,1 *, 0)
11. Peter Gildmond – 10 + 2 (3,2 *, 3,1 *, 1)
12. Simon Slaterbach – 9 (1,3,1,2,2)
13. Oscar Fiber – 8 (0,1,3,2,2)
14. Marcel Studziński – 4 + 1 (3,1 *, 0)
15. Mycology Chapla – 4 (2,0,2)
16. Philip Hellstrom-Bangs – N. S.

ROW Rybnik – 43 pkt.
1. Christian Beeszek – 9 + 1 (V, 2 *, 3,1,3)
2. Grzegorz Zengota – 8 + 1 (2 *, 3, w, 3, w)
3. Nikolai Clint – 3 + 1 (1,1,1 *, 0)
4. Patryk Wojdyło – 9 (3,0,2,3,1)
5. Andreas Liger – 14 (3,3,2,3,3)
6. Pavel Tresniewski – (D, 0,0)
7. Cocker DeCox – (d, 0,0)
8. Lech Chlebowski – N. S.

Run after flow:
1. (67.07) Kildemand, Lindbaeck, Klindt, Pieszczek (w) – 5: 1 – (5: 1)
2. (68.52) Studziński, Czapla, Tkocz (d), Trześniewski

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