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″ At Benfica I found a boss who is really interested in sports

″ At Benfica I found a boss who is really interested in sports

Katrina Domingos


Norberto Alves on his second trip to Luz, noting, in an interview with O JOGO, that the differences between 2004 and the present are enormous. Excited by the idea of ​​leading a Portuguese team in Europe, after they were already African champions, Norberto Alves returned to the Eagles and gave a positive assessment of the early days.

At the end of the four seasons at Olivers, the 53-year-old coach thought about the alien, but he returned to the light. In the game, he spoke about the change, and as the conversation took place in an antechamber for another hellish cycle of matches – there could be 10 matches a month, depending on what happens in the Hugo dos Santos Cup – the red team leader insisted on the need for future adjustments to the calendar. , so that Portuguese clubs can better match them with European matches.

How are the first months in Benfica going?
It’s an easy adjustment. I already knew some of the people who were at the club, but it’s very different from the Benfica I’ve known for many years. When I first came, there was no suite. Complexo da Luz was built and the basketball was going with the house on the back. I found a very organized club, president, Rui Costa, really interested in the sport, talking to the players and going to my office to see what was needed. It’s a completely different club, and so am I. It was a very enjoyable experience.

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