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″ I didn't want my daughter to spend more sleepless nights

″ I didn’t want my daughter to spend more sleepless nights

The presenter reveals that she helped her 18-year-old daughter Francesca deal with criticism for choosing to debut in a TV series.

Just over two years after her launch to the Lions when she moved from Canal Porto to TVI, Maria Sercoeira Gomez had to contend with the media liberalization of the elder daughter and its consequences. It was at the beginning of March when he learned that Francesca, who is 18, would be entering the TV series “Festa é festa”. Without training in the area, his acting debut caused a stir among the actors and controversy erupted on social networks, arriving at the young model.

At the time, Francesca called her mother in the middle of the night “to say some of the boys were saying things about her and the fact that she was going to the TV series,” Maria revealed in a conversation with Manuel Louis Ghosha on the afternoon program of the Kellows Station Under. He was in Lisbon and he didn’t know what Kika – who was in Porto – was talking about, so I told him to “go to sleep”. On their return to Invicta, Maria and her ex-husband, Gonzalo Gomez, spoke to the eldest, as they did not want her to “spend more nights without sleep.”

“I was very pragmatic and a little cold and I said, on the one hand, I’m glad this is happening now, because that’s the reality. Because it would have been six months from now and it would be worse. I said, ‘You have to understand if you have the ability to. Live with this. “All professions have a downside.” For Maria, Francesca should “study and study more than others”, because she “has to prove that she is more capable” because she is her daughter.

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The aspiring actress did not drop her arms, and besides the training she gets in Plural, she is asked to participate in bikini fashion campaigns. The latter took Francesca Circuera Gomes to the Algarve, describing it as one of the faces of summer Calzedonia. Moreover, it has already assumed that “the best thing is not to listen to and not to the criticism”.