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″ I never thought of being attacked at my door

″ I never thought of being attacked at my door

Interview >> Defender Ruben Semedo’s adventure in Greece ended badly, so returning after FC Porto was never an option.

The first two seasons in Greece were a dream come true for Ruben Semedo. In addition to the titles won by Olympiacos, the central defender has collected interested parties from the most prestigious leagues in Europe, including FC Porto. Before the market closed in August, he had problems with the justice system, and in January, he was assaulted. Episodes that made him reject the idea of ​​returning after Dragao left.

Have you ever thought that you would have to return to Greece after leaving FC Porto, or was that possibility immediately put into your mind?
– From the events I went through while in Greece, this was not an option. First, because it wasn’t what I wanted. Secondly, because it wasn’t what my family wanted either. I thought that if I went to Greece, my family would not be at peace, including my mother, and that was not an option at all. Obviously, if I don’t have other offers I’ll have to come back – that’s what it is – but thank God I was able to find a solution that was good for me and I think Olympiacos too. It is part of the past.

How did these events change you?
It’s hard to say, because they were things I obviously didn’t even think about in my nightmares. I never thought of being attacked at the front door, for example. This was the worst thing I’ve ever been through in my life. And I’ve been through a lot of things. But this is what impressed me the most. They were the things that, as a person… what could have changed me? I don’t know. It was all very modern. what did you learn? Basically it was that in many cases we are helpless. But that’s what it is, it’s a thing of the past.

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