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″ I received an offer that would change my whole life and my family

″ I received an offer that would change my whole life and my family

The Birmingham winger decided to break the silence after being accused of lack of commitment by the coach. Financially tempting proposal revealed

On behalf of the West Bromwich Albion team since 2019, Brazilian winger Matthews Pereira expressed, on Monday, through an Instagram post, his desire to continue his career in a new club, indicating that he would do so with integrity.

“I want to go out, look for new challenges, but in the right way. I will be forever grateful to West Brom, the fans and all the professionals at the club who have welcomed me, supported me and delighted me in these past two seasons. You are part of my story,” said Matthews Pereira.

And West Bromwich’s winger justified the sabotage announcement after being accused of not being committed by coach Valerian Ismail to the club, and relegated to the championship last season, and decided to break the silence.

“I have remained silent and will not touch anything until after the market, out of respect for the fans and my teammates. However, when I was described as ‘non-committed’ to the club, I felt very disrespected as a professional,” the statement read.

Annoyed by the criticism, Matthews Pereira considered it “too wrong for someone to say ‘I’m not committed'”, stressing that he trains and commits “every day 100%”.

“It’s bad to try to belittle my image and my professionalism in this way,” the 25-year-old Brazilian soccer player added in protest of the current England coach’s statement.

Valerian Ismail said: “I spoke with Matthews a few weeks ago. He was clear that he wanted to leave. He is not committed to the championship and he is not committed to us.”

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In the same Instagram post, the extremist revealed that he received a very tempting financial offer last July, which means that he intends to accept it in the future.

He added, “A little over three weeks ago I received a proposal that would change my entire life and the lives of my family. (…) For me, achieving financial independence at the age of 25 would be unimaginable.”

Matthews Pereira joined West Bromwich in 2019/20, on loan from Sporting, and was an essential part of the team’s promotion to the Premier League. The following season (2020/21), he felt relegated to the second tier directly.

Over the past two years, the winger, whose contract runs until 2024, has played 77 games for Birmingham, who paid 9.5 million euros to Sporting in August 2020, and scored a total of 20 goals.