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″ I was in one of the biggest plays I've ever done

″ I was in one of the biggest plays I’ve ever done



Four championships, four Super Cups, three Portuguese Cups and one Europa League were the titles Hulk won in Portugal. Added to this, there are 170 games, 78 goals and 50 assists for Porto.

From 2008 to 2012, the Hulk wore a dragon on his chest and these years, winning many titles and becoming known in world football, the player who now plays for Atlético Mineiro remembers him with great affection.

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper AS, the Brazilian striker talked about what Porto means in his life and football career.

“I can say that, in terms of appearing in the world of football, of the name I carry, of being recognized and respected all over the world, FC Porto was my entry point. I arrived at FC Porto at the age of 22 and was in one of the biggest stages I have ever played in. I came to Europe from Asian football, I wasn’t very well known but in a short time I started to gain space, play champions and make history at FC Porto It is a club in my heart, and in an institution with over 120 years of history, I am very happy that Being in the museum, where I’m part of the top 11 in history. I have a statue there,” Hulk explained.

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