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″ I was supposed to go to Benfica ... ″

″ I was supposed to go to Benfica … ″

Manuel Kasaka


Pinto da Costa, in the program “The Paradoxes of Fate” on Porto channel, recalled the 1996/1997 season, which witnessed the trip to the fifth championship, led by Antonio Oliveira, and called for the contract with Jardel.

Antonio Oliveira succeeds Bobby Robson: “I have known Antonio Oliveira since I was a football manager, when he was a young and promising athlete, he showed. It was the beginning as a football manager, because I was already in other sports, and I made a friendship with all the players and especially with Antonio Oliveira. When Bobby Robson wanted Leaving because he received an invitation from Barcelona, ​​we had to find a successor for him and he was in the national team.With him in Cupertino de Miranda founding [na Avenida da Boavista]. He embraced the project and we got a triple and four-time champion.”

Gardel Recruitment: “I went to dinner with Josep Maria Minguela, who told me that he has a great goalscorer in Brazil, and that he will go to Benfica, but he will not go by 60 contos. It was Benfica manager Gaspar Ramos. To contact Jardel immediately, despite the time difference, because if he wanted to Coming to FC Porto, I don’t mind getting up. That night it was immediately closed. That was very important at FC Porto.”

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