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″ It was here at Wembley.  Busquets made me feel like a conference league player"

″ It was here at Wembley. Busquets made me feel like a conference league player”



Rio Ferdinand was influenced by Sergio Busquets after the Euro 2020 semi-finals.

And Spain ended up losing, on Tuesday, in the semi-finals of Euro 2020, against Italy, with a penalty kick, 4-2, after 1-1 in the original time. But it was in fact an exhibition of a Spain international filling the scales of Rio Ferdinand, the historical figure of Manchester United and now, during the European commentator, BBC.

The former Red Devils midfielder left a great deal of praise for the “La Roga” captain, recalling the 2011 Champions League final in Barcelona. [de Busquets] They beat United 3-1.

“He was here at Wembley. Barcelona offended us, they were great,” he recalled before he began praising the Spanish midfielder.

“Team confidence was really low and we were still trying to steal the ball from a player like him. He made me feel like a player in a league conference [Liga inglesa não profissional]”He said.

“The way he always receives the ball, always with his head held high and a great read of the game… Receiving the ball already in turns is natural for him. He has the ability to always know where the other players are. He marked it and continued before he concluded.

“He is an exceptional player, I am happy to see him play.”

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