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″ Neymar?  You don't have to play at the highest level to realize... ″

″ Neymar? You don’t have to play at the highest level to realize… ″


The former French international has sharply criticized the Brazilian international at Paris Saint-Germain.

Neymar continues to be an indisputable piece for Mauricio Pochettino at Paris Saint-Germain. However, criticism of the Brazilian star did not stop appearing, and this time it was Jerome Rothen, the former France international, who gave a difficult opinion about the player.

“You don’t have to play at the highest level to realize that Neymar, nowadays, is not decisive. He is less influential, less creative, even less altruistic. It is less than he did in his best moments at the club, at every level,” he began by saying on his show on Radio Montecarlo.

“Unfortunately, yes, it has become more of a burden on the team than a solution. It has already become a problem for the coach, because you don’t deal with Neymar as you deal with any other player,” he continued, before. Continuation of criticism and conclusion:

“When he’s at that level, you can ask, ‘Why does Pochettino insist on putting it down in a systematic way? “Maybe getting off the bench and then getting into the game can boost him. On the court while sometimes he’s below his level. Even when he’s not feeling well for an hour, he still has his perks.”

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