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″ Our six players do not miss the World Cup like our injured players

″ Our six players do not miss the World Cup like our injured players

Coach Ricardo Souza’s statements after the Porto Mafra match (2-2) in the League Cup

about the game“As I said before the match, we didn’t come here to put the bus in front of the goal and expect miracles. We tried to be a team with principles. We just have the quality we have in our squad. We tried to share the match with FC Porto on an equal footing. And we managed to come on in the second half. With a difference of two goals, and a comfortable progression.

The second part“Unfortunately, in the first three minutes FC Porto managed to make it 2-1 and we knew that from then on we were going to suffer a little bit. FC Porto had many solutions and a lot of quality. They caused us many difficulties.”

Graphic: “They managed to make it 2-2 and we defended the way we ran. From this match I ended up taking the situation away, praising what they showed and what they wanted. There are guys here who deserve a lot and today they showed they have quality for more.”

Surprise: “We ended up surprisingly and it was 0-2 at the end of the first half. There were two and we had one more scoring situation. In the first half, FC Porto only had one shot on goal, I think. We gave ​A good first half, but we were playing at home against the national champion. We are a II Liga team and I think FC Porto has six players in the World Cup. We have six injured. Maybe, six players like FC Porto we have in the World Cup are not as needed as the ones we have injuries.”

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