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″ Players look at the bank but not the leader, as she feels ″

″ Players look at the bank but not the leader, as she feels ″



Vitor Bruno, FC Porto assistant coach, comments after the 3-2 win over Famalecoa.

Game analysis: “We started the match well, strong, with a goal. Then Corona left and we had to reshape the structure and gave the team the idea of ​​losing a little. Then, in one shot, the opponent equalized in the second half, we went back to our usual structure and we were fine, we did not look at the opponent With a never smile, we were serious, honest and humble, always vertical and sharp to try to get to the goal. ”

Tension in the final part: “Being normal, it shouldn’t happen. It is important for those who enter to realize that the art of defense is as beautiful as the art of attack. We cannot think of creating a goal and then conceding a goal.

The answer after the last game: “The team has this DNA. A few weeks ago we talked about Pepe. I think we have 11, 12, 20 and this is Pepes, who always wants more.”

Without Sergio Conceicao on the bench: “Our relationship is strong. The players look at the bench and not see the leader, and this can be felt. But we tried to reduce the absence as much as possible. In general, everything that was planned for the game was achieved.”

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