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″ Ribolera?  Our investors are ready, they have already made a real proposal ″

″ Ribolera? Our investors are ready, they have already made a real proposal ″

And the three colors of SAD, which have offered two million euros to buy the stadium, want to end a long bankruptcy process.

André Geraldes, the leader of Estrela da Amadora, has stated that he is still waiting to accept an offer from SAD for the purchase of Estádio José Gomes, with the tricolor team serving as a guest, putting an end to the 12-year operation.

“There is an intention to reach an agreement for the purchase of the stadium by SAD. Our investors are ready, they have already submitted a real offer, the only formal proposal that complies with all legal requirements,” the official said, on Friday. Thursday, in an interview posted on Facebook in Three Colors.

Andre Geralds revealed that if the €2m bid for the sporting venue is not accepted, other solutions would be possible – “there is a plan B and C” – and emphasized that SAD and the club would remain united. In the future.

“There will be no separation between SAD and the club. Estrela da Amadora may not play with Jose Gomez, but if they have to leave, they will go together. We don’t want to make that premise and we think there will be goodwill,” said the tricolor leader.

On April 15, 2021, Estrela da Amadora SAD made Jorge Calvet, the club’s former bankruptcy manager, a $2 million offer to own Jose Gomez Stadium, the only bid made at the auction at the time.

The Tricolor Department discussed this, a few days later, with the creditors committee, but did not obtain the necessary approval to proceed with the official acquisition of the sports stadium, which is currently renovated.

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Due to the accumulation of debts exceeding 36 million euros, Estrela da Amadora was declared bankrupt in 2011, after the bankruptcy of more than 200 creditors, including the Portuguese state, due to the historic club’s recovery plan.