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″ Ricardo Souza did not respect the family name.  Neither father nor son

″ Ricardo Souza did not respect the family name. Neither father nor son



Statements by Sergio Conceicao, coach of FC Porto, after the 2-2 draw with Mafra, in the first round of the League Cup group stage.

Criticism of Mafra coach Ricardo Souza and refereeing: “It’s Portuguese football. I was sent off in Mafra for kicking the ball out of bounds. Today the opposing coach didn’t respect the family name. He didn’t honor father and son. He collided with Wendell and nothing happened. Constant waste of time from the start of the game… only the goalkeeper was yellowed in the second half .. I’d rather not give a yellow.. But that’s not why we lose.. We can’t offer the opponent 45 minutes. The referee should give 12, 14, 16 minutes. We had conditions to change the result, but that was not the case.

Game analysis: “What I told the players was we couldn’t give the opposition 45 minutes. We lacked aggression and aggression with the ball. We weren’t very aggressive. When that’s the case, even with lower-ranked teams, you end up conceding two goals. In the second half, I don’t know.” Whether Mavra has reached our goal. We scored two goals and could have scored more. In the second half we were the team we always were. We pressed on, we scored two goals. We drew, we have two games to right the wrongs. Playing at home we have the support of the fans. I take this opportunity to thank The masses that have come here at this unwelcome time.”

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What do you take from the game? “I encounter some positive situations. Others are more or less negative. Some players lack a competitive pace. But that doesn’t excuse them, they have to be ready to play. Be perfect. We have to have other characteristics of the game.”

About Ricardo Souza’s remarks in the quick interview: “We can come here ‘bitaitar’ and say a fact it isn’t, trying to pass off an image of something that wasn’t.”

World Cup players and injuries: “We can provide all possible and imaginary contexts. There is no reason for us to do what we did. We depend on us. Today we didn’t do much, especially in the first half. The second half was good. Let’s see tomorrow calmly.”