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″ Was one of the reasons for the advent ...

″ Was one of the reasons for the advent …

João Cancelo says he is happy in Manchester and does not skimp on praising Guardiola.

Manchester City defender Joao Cancelo stressed the importance of Pep Guardiola in the decision to leave Juventus for the English club.

“I love the way he plays: he was one of the reasons to come,” said the Portuguese international. “I like dribbling, providing assists, and I like to have artistic and attractive football. The way he sees football, the full backs play a lot at home, with their backs in the opponent’s range, I wasn’t used to that, but with training, I feel better.” , He explained. “It defines every detail of the game a lot and I think the improvement of the team also comes from there. The interest that we watch the videos, I know what I have to do and I think my teammates too, that is halfway to the end. Victory.”

For the club channel, the defender recalled his arrival in England: “I started badly, but since December it has improved. I understood that this is what I want and I am very happy here,” he said, admitting. It has evolved a lot.

“I feel a tremendous development from last season to this season. I have opened up my set of options. Technically, I know I’m a good player, but you also have to know your characteristics. I couldn’t play indoors, but today I feel confident doing the situation. It comes from the way.” It takes a lot of work, a lot of attention on my part, and now I feel like things are going well for me and the team as well and I’m very happy about that. “

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“I have played several times as a winger. In my squad, at Benfica, I have played in several positions: midfield, right winger, left winger, right back, left defense and I feel like a versatile player. Once again, it’s my favorite position, but I have some characteristics. It makes it possible for me to help my team in different positions on the field. During the season there are injuries, there are teammates who have problems and I like to be able to help the team in various positions and not surrender myself just to be the classic right back. “