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″Don't play, pretend to train and see others on the court... Shame knows no bounds ″

″Don’t play, pretend to train and see others on the court… Shame knows no bounds ″


Rothen, the former Paris Saint-Germain player, talks about the departure chapter at the French club.

Still without a coach-related definition for 2022/23, PSG will make several changes to the squad with a goal for next season and two names are already on the way: Paredes and Icardi. About the Argentine duo, Jerome Rothen, a former player with the Paris badge, says he has no place in the French champion.

“Let them respect us for a couple of seconds. You have a contract, OK, but it’s not you who decides to stay or not. With the financial possibilities of the Qatari owners… they’ve already done it with some coaches, saying, ‘We’re not happy anymore, you’re leaving with all your salary.'” Without a doubt, that’s what they’ll do with some players, who think they’re stars, when they’re nothing. When you see the salary and the sporting impact, it’s disastrous. When you call yourself Icardi or Paredes, when you don’t play anymore, you pretend to train and watch others play.. If the club says to you: “We don’t want you anymore, because we bought for 50 or 60 million and give you a million a month, respect the decision.” Shame knows no bounds.”

Ruthen was associated with PSG between 2005/05 and 2010/11, with concessions to Rangers and Ankaraguçu. He also represented Monaco, among other French clubs.

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