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″I love Hitler″.  Kanye West escalates his anti-Semitic rhetoric

″I love Hitler″. Kanye West escalates his anti-Semitic rhetoric

American rapper Kanye West declared his “love” for the Nazis and his admiration for Adolf Hitler on Thursday during an hour-long live broadcast with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

“I love Hitler,” the artist, who goes by the name Ye, said in a lengthy interview that also featured white supremacist Nick Fuentes and was broadcast by “I love the Jews,” he insisted, “but I also love the Nazis. I don’t like to see the word ‘evil’ next to the Nazis.”

The artist, who plans to run for president of the United States in 2024, appears in the video with his face covered by a black mask, leather jacket and black gloves.

“I see good things about Hitler too,” said Yi, who has been in the press for months for his anti-Semitic remarks. He added, “I love everyone. Everyone has something precious (…) especially Hitler.”

Yee’s frequent praise caused friction with Jones, who was known for his extreme stances, and said “The Nazis did really bad things.”

Yee and Fuentes recently met former President Donald Trump at a dinner that was questioned by some GOP leaders. A few days ago, Trump received a standing ovation from the Jewish Republican Coalition, which held its annual meeting in Las Vegas. On Thursday, the coalition issued a statement, without directly mentioning Trump, condemning Ye and urging those who still support him to stay away from the artist. “Considering his praise of Hitler, it is no exaggeration that Kanye West is a vile, disgusting fanatic who attacked the Jewish community with Nazi-style threats and insults,” the statement read. Conservatives who wrongly endorsed Kanye West should make it clear that he is a pariah. its enough.

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Anti-Semitic and racist comments have cost any lucrative deals this year with brands such as Adidas and GAP.