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″I think the answer is easy...″

″I think the answer is easy…″

Vitoria de Guimarães Central speaks to the media ahead of Tuesday morning’s training session.

Next season predictions: “Expectations are the same as always, we know the club we are in, the commitment and demand that the club demands and we are ready for that.”

Set the bar high on the individual level? “The standard is high and always will be high, from what I have already said. My personal goals meet what are the collective goals, requirements and daily commitment in training so that we can win the game and always give my best.”

Last season: “We know we ended up failing in what was supposed to be our goal, but I think now is not the time to look back, the only way we should look at that is to correct what we did less well so that it doesn’t happen again and look With a different face from this new age, which is the most important.”

Peppa’s first impressions: “They are good, the manager has a lot of experience in the I League, we absorb the operations, and that is what we work for in pre-season. Most of all the group feels united, the group feels passionate in what they do. They do and are committed to the work of the master.”

Guimarães lost less defense in the first round. What changed in the second round? “That’s right, we had a very good first round and a poorer second round. We were one of the least defeated defenses, and in the second we ended up conceding a lot of goals. We have to work in every game. Don’t make it easy. Focus in every game. A moment of the match, because we know how demanding our championship is. Usually the second rounds are more difficult, because teams start needing points. The most important thing is to correct those mistakes and not repeat them again.”

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Borevkovic is associated with V. Guimarães. Will you be a good partner? “Although there are many names given in Vitória, as is customary, with regard to this, I think it goes a little against my duty. What I can say is that I also have good partners here with me and whoever comes here comes. Help and commitment to the group.”

Did having so many coaches last season destabilize it? Do you expect to stick with Peppa until the end? “There is not much to talk about in the past. Everyone in the club has to see what has been done less well and correct for this season. The success of the master will be our success and what we always want is success, so I think the answer is easy, we want to keep working.”

the changes: “We focused a lot on the physical aspect, the tactical aspects as well, but what stands out the most is the passion that the coach has, the demand that the coach has, that he puts in and passes that message on to us. I think the message is being done well. Now it’s up to us athletes. To give our best and our contribution to show what the coach wants, we are the ones who decide and make the decisions on the field and that’s it.”

Young players: “We have many young people in attendance, and they are young people who know the mystery of the club and that’s a good thing. They know the demands they are under. They have a lot of quality, and our role is to welcome them well and never let them ease or relax because they have to understand that in a different context.”

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Preferred system: “My colleagues and I are footballers, we must be ready for any tactical scheme.”