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″The future holds us with a centrality designed to measure FC Porto

″The future holds us with a centrality designed to measure FC Porto

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A former leader and presidential candidate speaks of a “blatant lack of preparedness” on the part of the leader.

Candidate defeated by Luis Felipe Vieira in the 2020 election, Rui Gomez da Silva launched a ferocious attack on Monday against Rui Costa, elected in October 2021.” On the part of Rui Costa, emphasizing that despite the ‘brilliant and inspiring within the four lines’ that is, “Outside it is a cliched and uninspiring character.”

In a text published on Nova Geração Benfica’s blog, entitled “Benfica: disoriented, aimless and without focus”, Rui Gomez da Silva predicts a dark future for the Eagles, as a result of “the centralization of television rights tailored to FC Porto and that Benfica, the main source of revenue from it The contract, he will not object to depriving him of value”, continues conjecture on the “new concrete project”: new wiretapping and possibly catching new calls in a few years’ time.

Rui Gomez da Silva asserts that “daily scandals will cease to affect Benfica until those responsibilities are exhausted and those responsible disappear, at once in an angry face from the newspapers, when he represents the same interests as the Eagles abroad and, amazingly, shares the same with them.” Network The friendships and home visits that dominated Vieira.”

Promising to “fight against all this as long as he has power,” the former leader, who speaks of Rui Costa as a “futureless” president, said: “Either this course is urgently reversed or we will move relentlessly toward new elections in a sadly shorter period of time. than the partners imagine.

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