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″They are all a bunch of thieves!

″They are all a bunch of thieves!


The Atletico Madrid defender got angry at the end of the match that dictated Uruguay’s exit from the World Cup in Qatar.

Jose Jimenez, the Uruguayan defender, was one of his team’s most angry players at the arbitration after the victory over Ghana, which was not enough for South America to qualify for the next stage of the World Cup in Qatar.

And Uruguay complained vehemently, after the final whistle, about an unremarkable penalty kick on Cavani. Giménez, according to some media outlets, even attacked FIFA’s Director of Competitions, in the heat of the moment on the pitch.

He shouted to the camera, “They’re all a bunch of thieves, thieves!”

Captain Godin, on the other hand, spoke of the theft, and Cavani threw a screen on the floor on his way to the changing rooms…

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