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″To this day I cannot explain what happened that night″

″To this day I cannot explain what happened that night″



Goncalo Ramos in an interview with the European Football Association before meeting Liverpool, in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League. For the first time, he scored two goals against Avis.

First appearance with Benfica: “I scored two goals on my first appearance. I was far from thinking about it, and all of a sudden, my first touch was a goal. I didn’t even absorb the first goal and I actually scored the second… Until today I can’t explain what happened that night! In the first team he is a source of pride. He is an example for the kids who are just starting to look at me and their other teammates – like Paulo [Bernardo]Morato and Thomas [Aráujo] – and see that it is possible, with a lot of work and faith in ourselves.”

Increased influence on the team: “I won’t say it much, but it is an honor and a dream – as it has always been – to play for Benfica, and more so at a time when we have not achieved our main objective of fighting for the title, which I know is not easy, it is good so that I can contribute by making my best effort.”

Nelson Verissimo: “The relationship is excellent. It’s good to have someone who knows us so well not only on the pitch but also off it. It’s good to feel that, it makes me comfortable and I’m happy that things are going well.”

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