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Marco Richter freut sich über sein Tor. (Quelle: imago images/Contrast)

1-0 home win: Hertha delivers a brutal performance over Gladbach

Hertha’s victory over Borussia Mönchengladbach A textbook example of performance in football: The Berliners were a very passive team, but took advantage of one of the very few opportunities by Marco Richter. Second win in the bottom row.

Herta BSc was able to continue its upward trend against Portugal Manchengladbach after a crucial 2-1 long-distance victory at Einratt Frankfurt. The Berliners happily won 1-0 at the Olympic Stadium, which sold out for the first time this season with 25,000 spectators. Marco Richter scored the decisive goal in the first half with an amazing side pull. Thus, the blue-whites achieved the second consecutive victory, which was the victory of choice and, above all, the defensive performance.

Coach Paul Darday had to make a change in the starting line-up compared to the previous week: defender Nicholas Stark had to go through with supplementary issues, and his coach’s son Morton Dordoy appeared for the fifth time this season.

At the Atmospheric Olympic Stadium, the guests played better at first and immediately went on to bitter and aggressive duels. The best proof of this fact: played for less than 90 seconds, because Gladbach defender Bayer received the first yellow card after excessive hard boarding. Too bad this season should be the start of the half. But the first dangerous offensive action came from the Lower Rhine team. Elvedi crossed the goal after a good cross from eleven meters (5th minute) and two minutes later referee Cortes Herta pointed to the penalty spot for misconduct in the penalty area. But in the end there was great excitement without anything: according to TV footage, Mittalstad found no guilt against Scale, so the sentence was properly withdrawn.

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The first half was mostly played in midfield – when things were tough it was ahead of the hosts ’goal. After an excellent double pass with Lars Stindl, Embolo Berliner hit the ball from ten meters into the box (18th). Otherwise, the blue-whites were very low and mostly defensive – Gladbach wanted to play forward, but there was no way. Hertha BSc then showed how performance works. After a throw, the guest defense does not simply destroy the ball from their own penalty area. Through the diversion and with much luck, the ball came to Marco Richter, who climbed five meters from half a meter to the left and hit the touchdown (40th) to the Berlin lead. It was Hertha’s first goal of the game and at the same time break.

The second half started very slowly. Again and again, small mistakes interrupted the flow of the game – it was entirely in the minds of the hosts. Hertha became more and more focused on the counter-attack, but became more confident and confident in their own actions. Gladbach still had game control but couldn’t do much of it. The guests in front of the enemy box came in very dangerous. In the end, Hertha won a match between the two teams and they both fought forward. Due to a hard-fought and well-deserved victory, Hertha is now in tenth place ahead of Gladbach in the table.

Broadcast: rbb24, 23.10.2021