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1 More headphones have triple noise cancellation and turbo charging - Mobile Gamer

1 More headphones have triple noise cancellation and turbo charging – Mobile Gamer

Earphone 1 moreHey PistonBuds Pro It is one of the best earphones available today. With great noise canceling features and fast recharge capability, the phone has just been launched at a promotional price on Aliexpress, 258 Brazilian Real.

1More is another Xiaomi company that has the same designers who designed the Redmi AirDots series and Mi True Wireless Headphones 2 series. In addition, the audio engineer was also involved in the development of this headset. Luca Benardia four-time Grammy Award winner, who has worked with talent Eros Ramazzotti.

1More PistonBuds Pro Key Features:

  • Triple Active Noise Cancellation
  • Long battery life 7.5 hours
  • Recharges 1 hour in 5 minutes
  • Premium design
  • Resistant to rain and water splash
  • 12 kinds of Sonarworks presets
  • Low Latency Gaming Mode

S758718afdd3942c586e313d79c650b70b 1 more headphones have triple noise cancellation and turbo charging

Active Noise Cancellation

PistonBuds Pro use QuietMax Active Noise Cancellation technology to reduce up to 38dB of any external noise interfering with your immersion in music or gaming. It can even cancel out wind noise.

There are three cancellation modes: strong ANC mode, transparency mode + WNR mode (wind resistance mode).

S6616927eebdc45aab15b01d15d6cd9925 1 more headset with triple noise canceling and turbocharging

The powerful ANC mode is the mode with the most noise reduction ability, the Transparency Mode is for those who still want to hear outside noises (ideal for outdoor walking and running), while the WNR Mode is a combination of Both allow you to hear outside noises while cutting wind noise in your ear.

Long battery life and fast charging

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.2, PistonBuds Pro can spend long times away from its charging case. It can last up to 7 and a half hours without recharging.

1More-o-PistonBuds-Pro-White 1More Earbuds with Triple Noise Canceling and Turbo Recharge

And in case the phone runs out of batteries, leave it for 5 minutes in the case to get another hour of use.

The case allows you to extend the battery of the headphones for up to 30 hours.

Perfect for streaming services

PistonBuds Pro is built from the ground up to work with the AAC codec, the same codec used in music and video streaming services like Youtube, Spotify, Youtube Music and many more. Thanks to this synergy, I was able to deliver superior sound quality.

The quality can be seen in the more prominent bass and in the better distribution of instrument sounds. Thanks to the extra rubber that comes with the headphones, you’ll have a perfect seal and be able to enjoy every detail of your music without the need for a larger headphone.

The phone comes with presets, which allow you to better enrich the experience. There are 12 Sonarworks presets with themes like: Bass Booster, Pop, Deep, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Acoustic, Classic, etc. Best of all, this is native to the phone, and is not based on parity in any other app.

ergonomic design

1More-o-PistonBuds-Pro-game-mode 1 More headphones with triple noise cancellation and turbo charging
In addition to the flawless design, the phone also has a Game Mode.

PistonBuds Pro come in two colours, black or white.

The headset has two microphones and you can use them for noise cancellation or one for canceling and one for calls. With this said, it is possible for the person in the phone call to hear it clearly.

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