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10 Brazilian games available for mobile phones

10 Brazilian games available for mobile phones

If mobile phones are the preferred platform for playing games in Brazil, then the Brazilian developers do not waste time and fill the catalog of titles, produced here, with great games for mobile platforms.

according to Brazil 2022 survey game, 48.3% of gamers in the country use a smartphone as their main platform. The figure represents an increase of 6.7 percentage points over the previous year. With more and more people playing on mobile, more opportunities and creative games emerge from the national development market. After that, file Canaltech Lists 10 amazing games for mobile devices produced in Brazil.

10. Arida: Backland Awakening

Arida: Backland Awakening It is an adventure and exploration game set in the outback of Bahia. The title was developed by Bahian Aoca Game Lab studio and Draw attention to unite the elements of fantasy adventure with resource management.

It was initially developed for PC and translated in six languages. barren It tells the story of Cicera, a young rural girl who begins a journey through the Brazilian Sertão in the 19th century. The game is influenced by elements of popular culture and wisdom.

The gameplay includes exploring arid regions, collecting resources and discovering clues about the fate of Cicera, a girl who is facing drought to find her parents again. barren Available for purchase in digital stores for Android mobile devices.

9. Nate the Death Trap

Death Trap Nite has multiple enemies and “endless” stages. (Photo: screenshot / Igor Pontes / Canaltech)

Nate the death trap simple premise. The player must help Kevin, a candy-crazy young man, to escape from a haunted mansion while feeding on the goodies he finds along the way.

The gameplay includes platform challenges, in which the player focuses on escaping from various monsters with different abilities. As the player climbs floors with Kevin, the adventure gets more difficult and requires faster thinking to defeat the enemies.

Nate the death trap Available for Android (Google Play Store) and iOS (App Store) and will also appear on SuperApp Magalu. The mobile game was one of the games chosen for the direction and financial support of Magalu Games, the Magalu Games division focused on developing the video game scene in Brazil.

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8. Starlet Adventures

Chosen as the best Brazilian game in the 2016 edition of BIG Festival, starlit adventures It is a casual adventure game that challenges the player to help Bo and Kikki return the stars that Nuru stole from the sky.

To accomplish the mission, the player will explore fantastic worlds, encounter creatures and solve puzzles in action game gameplay. The title is available for consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 And the Xbox Onebut it was created for mobile devices.

starlit It promises hours of fun with rich visuals and a variety of exploration and platforming mechanics. The Brazilian title Rockhead Games is available for free for Android (Google Play Store) and iOS (App Store).

7. The pen and paper galaxy

If mobile phones are great platforms for role-playing games, pen and paper galaxy prove this point. The creative title developed by Behold Studios, of Brasilia, adapts pen and paper games from his childhood and launches them into space.

In the adventure, you are invited to create a master and a group of RPG players at the table. As the party plays, the player explores planets in the characters’ imaginations, encounters strange alien beings and saves the galaxy. ambiance pen and paper galaxy that it In 1999, in the era of floppy disks and dial-up Internet.

pen and paper galaxy It can be purchased on Android (Google Play Store), iOS (App Store) or on PC via Steam.

6. SpeedBox

Speed ​​Box is casual, fun and challenging. (Photo: Screenshot / Canaltech / Felipe Golden Boy)

gearbox It is a casual, fast and challenging game in just the right scale. The gameplay includes moving blocks from one place to another; However, there are many obstacles along the way, which build up and become more and more difficult, stage by stage.

Although it is a puzzle game, it is very easy and simple gearbox. The 100 levels available feature block moving mechanics, in which the player draws straight lines with his finger. It is necessary to go through other small blocks to pick them up and deposit them in a specific place, and complete the level.

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gearbox Produced by Yellow Panda Games studio, of Balneário Camboriú (SC), and published by Magalu Games. The title is freely available for Android (via the Google Play Store) and iOS (via the App Store) and will also appear on SuperApp Magalu.

5. Horizon Chase Mobile

Horizon Chase Mobile is a racing game inspired by the great hits of the 80s and 90s, such as out of rangeAnd the Lotus Turbo ChallengeAnd the maximum speed (SNES) and Accelerates. Also success on consoles, chasing the horizon Developed and constantly updated by Rio Grande do Sul studio, Aquiris. The races are exciting, and every turn and turn recreates classic arcade games, providing unlimited speed fun.

Basic version of Horizon Chase Mobile Edition It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and Apple Store digital stores.

4. Orbits of the Conqueror

Explore the universe with Orbits Conqueror. (Photo: Screenshot/Canaltech/Lucas Araz)

Al-Fateh orbits It is a simple, fun and relaxing game for anyone looking for a hobby. During 60 stages, the player is challenged to explore the universe through ships orbiting the planets.

By pressing any point on the phone screen, the spaceship stops the circular motion on the screen and jumps towards space with the aim of reaching the next planet. The player’s task is to reach the end of the space cycle and collect as many coins as possible along the way.

Al-Fateh orbits Produced by Bragi Estúdios, of Bahia, and published by Magalu Games. The title is freely available for Android (via the Google Play Store) and iOS (via the App Store) and will also appear on SuperApp Magalu.

3. Slash Quest

Slash Quest It is a casual and engaging adventure game unlike any you have seen before. The player controls a huge and growing talking sword which in turn controls and drags around an unskilled warrior. The player controls the sword that controls the boy, and fights his way back to try to get back from a lost land, while stumbling and facing enemies.

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Slash Quest It was developed exclusively for Apple Arcade, by the Brazilian studio consortium Big Green Pillow and Mother Gaia. The game is available for iPhone and iPad.

2. Rebel Hunters

the rebels Mixes RPG, Shooting and Treasure Hunting in a world antiquities hunters, created by Brazilian Rogue Snail directly for mobile phones and tablets. The unprecedented, captivating and fully-voiced story that follows a group of hostile tribes trying to find peace.

To achieve the goal, players will shoot and fight space ducks and obtain materials to create or improve an arsenal of 44 weapons with 8 different types of elements (fire, rock, water, metal, air, ice, earth and nature).

Antiquities hunters’ rebellion Released by Netflix Games They can be downloaded for free by subscribers, via the streaming app or the App Store and Google Play Store.

1. Dance

Dandara It is one of the best action games of recent years when it comes to mobile platforms. Developed by the mining team at Long Hat House, this is an excellent metroidvania with action based on quick hops through the roof and walls.

player controls Dandara, based on the historical figure of Dandara dos Palmares. The protagonist is a warrior who fights against beings that represent oppression and despair. Dendera must jump quickly to avoid enemy attacks and strike opponents while navigating the world of Sal, a place seasoned with references to Brazil with a polka-dotted look.

Dandara It can be purchased on Android (Google Play Store), iOS (App Store), or on PC via Steam. The game is also available for consoles and PC.