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10 days of isolation.  Will the government stop the delta variation?

10 days of isolation. Will the government stop the delta variation?

The government is introducing a ten-day isolation for travelers who do not leave the Schengen area, said Deputy Minister of Health Voldemort Kroska. Individuals who test negative for the corona virus can complete it after seven days. All due to the growing threat of delta corona virus variant.

– Children of children traveling across the border from Great Britain or Northern Ireland to Poland are subject to the same health regulations as adults – Reports to “Rzeczpospolita” Second Lieutenant Border Guard Spokesman Anna Michelska. Exceptions Children of parents who have been fully vaccinated – these are the exception.

Under current rules, a traveler has 24 hours to travel to an isolated location. – It should not be like this. For isolation to be effective, a person coming to Poland from Great Britain must be immediately isolated and taken away by their family. There may also be special taxis that take newcomers to an isolated area – says the professor. Markin Czech, epidemiologist, former Deputy Minister of Health. – Such person shall not go home, e.g. By bus. Especially since the Indian variant is so contagious – he adds.

Source: Republic


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