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10 facts about Resident Evil 4

10 facts about Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is one of the most important games in video game history, and certainly the most influential game in the franchise created by Capcom in the ’90s.

The game has received copies for every console that came out after that, and everyone has played the game at least once in their life.

But do you know everything about him? In today’s post, we provide a video and text with 10 general information about Resident Evil 4.

Check it out below!

Video 10 facts about Resident Evil 4

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1 – It’s the game in the franchise with most console versions

Resident Evil 4 is a hugely successful game, and similar to what happened at the time of Street Fighter 2, Capcom decided to release the game for literally anything that could run it.

In total, the game has an astonishing 15 releases, if we count the two ports it won for PC, and below we are going to list all these releases:

Gamecube, PS2, PC Horrible Version, Wii, iOS, Zeebo, Java, PS3, Xbox 360, Android, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Oculus Quest.

2 – Mobile camera x fixed camera

While it’s not the first Resident Evil game to use a mobile camera, as this was Code Veronica, Resident Evil 4 is the first in which the camera is practically not locked at any point, but did you know that you can play the game with the very fixed camera?

In the Japanese version, after you finish the game once, you can activate this mode, where the camera is almost stationary during the part of the game where you control Ashley. The camera then works in the same scheme as Code Veronica, but interestingly enough, this option is only available even in the Japanese version of Resident Evil 4.

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3 – Movie references

The Resident Evil franchise loves movie references, and it’s no different with Resident Evil 4. In the game, we find several references to the movie Leon the Professional. The first in the weapon used by the protagonist. Matilda is the name of Leon’s partner in the movie. Also, the highest difficulty in the game is called Pro.

Moreover, the special Ada mode contains the canvas which is greatly inspired by La Femme Nikita

4 – Friendly Fire

Being able to shoot allies is usually something that doesn’t happen often in Resident Evil, and I honestly don’t remember if Resident Evil 4 was the first game in the franchise to allow that, but everyone here actually got at least one that ended up in his face when he fell. ..shoot Ashley, right?

Well, did you know that she’s not the only character who can injure Leon during the adventure? When Leon and Louis encounter a series of enemies, it is possible to shoot him, and if you do this too often, the character will appear with the protagonist and kill him.

5 – complete models

Who then remembers Hunnigan, the radio operator that Leon spoke to during the match? If you use some hacks for the camera, it is possible to find that although she is only shown in her face in the game, her entire body is modeled even with clothes.

Another fully recreated character is Mike, the helicopter pilot. Interestingly enough, his eyes are yellow, just like the monsters in the game.

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6 – Censorship

Regional differences in games are not uncommon in the gaming world, and Resident Evil 4 is another example of this. In Japan, all beheading scenes in the game have been removed. The reason for this is that under Japanese law it is forbidden to show these scenes in movies or games.

7 – children

Have you ever wondered why there are no children in the village that Leon sneaks into trying to save Ashley? Well, at first, Capcom thought about putting it in the game, but due to all the controversy that might generate, they preferred only to have Leon and the company face the adults, so they ended up creating the explanation that Las Plagas, the virus that infects the game’s enemies kills children because they can’t resist it .

8 – Credits

Who reads the credits? I usually skip them, but if you end the game and take care of the credits, in the copyright pane, you’ll see the following message:

“This game is protected by the laws of the Raccoon Police Department. Unauthorized copying, distribution or display may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution by an appropriate member of STARS. And then some.”

which translates to:

“This game is protected by the laws of the Raccoon Police Department. Unauthorized copying, distribution or display may result in civil retaliation by an appropriate STARS member, and more.

9- Do not shoot in the water

At present, this curiosity is already known, but at the time of the release of Resident Evil 4, it caused quite a surprise. If you shoot in the water before Leon gets on the boat, it will show you the sea monster that will chase you there and devour you instantly. After the re-release of Resident Evil 4 for PC and consoles, this part of the game became a hit.

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10 – Where’s my jacket?

After being fired by President Mendes, Leon appeared without his jacket. The game doesn’t say where it ended up, and if you haven’t played Ada mode, you won’t really find out that she ended up in one of the infected.