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10 Great Commands to Use for Gemini

10 Great Commands to Use for Gemini

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Google's AI-generated chatbot can perform a wide range of tasks based on the instructions and questions you ask the tool. Therefore, it is possible to explore the features and capabilities of the application by sending cool commands to Gemini.

All parameters can be adapted to produce results and solutions for various knowledge areas, such as designing ongoing training, setting up a classroom, writing programming code, or creating a strategic layout for your business.

Cool orders for Gemini

Hey Canaltech I've identified some great command suggestions for you to use in Gemini and learn about the capabilities of Google's AI tool.

10. Write the codes

Gemini can write code in different programming languages ​​that can be adapted to your needs, such as:

Write JavaScript code for a landing page for a lead generation campaign, with a registration form with name and email for a technology event.

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Gemini can generate codes quickly (Image: Screenshot/Ricardo Syozi/Canaltech)

9. Video descriptions and tags

AI can help create descriptive texts and insert video tags. To do this, simply inform the content of the material that will be used:

Produce a description and tags for the video “How to use Gemini in your business routine” optimized for the Canaltech YouTube channel.

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Describing your content just got easier with Gemini (Image: Screenshot/Ricardo Syozi/Canaltech)

8. Create professional emails

Gemini can create optimized scripts for you to showcase your work and seek new opportunities. This also creates a cover letter, which is often required by the company.

Create a short, friendly and professional email introducing myself as a technology journalist. Include these points: SEO knowledge, event coverage, and English language proficiency. Finish by asking for feedback.

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Google Gemini
Your cover letter will be better (Image: Screenshot/Ricardo Syozi/Canaltech)

7. Business planning

Gemini can offer solutions and suggest action plans to develop strategies in the business model.

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Creating a strategic marketing plan for a company entering the technology product sales market.

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Ask Gemini for business plan suggestions (Image: Screenshot/Ricardo Syozi/Canaltech)

6. Study or training plan

Gemini can help you set goals, build a study or training plan, and help you achieve your personal goals.

Create a hypertrophy workout with a month of physical activity, split days and muscle groups, for a man who has been exercising regularly for two years.

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Gemini ordered
Gemini also helps you with your exercises (Image: Screenshot/Ricardo Syozi/Canaltech)

5. Itinerary

Generative AI can also suggest travel routes based on the specifications you enter in the command field.

Create an itinerary for a 30-day trip to Europe, which includes London, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam, with at least five days in each of these cities. I suggest tours in all of them.

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Gemini gives you strength while traveling (Image: Screenshot/Riccardo Ciozzi/Canaltech)

4. Spreadsheets and tables

Gemini can create content within tables, spreadsheets, checklists, timelines and other formats according to entered parameters. You can, for example, set up a budget control form for your home.

Prepare a monthly expense spreadsheet that includes recurring bills for the home where the couple and their three children live.

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You no longer need to do daily calculations (Image: Screenshot/Ricardo Syozi/Canaltech)

3. Upload the image

In Gemini, you can upload photos, have the AI ​​identify items, create photo captions, and even suggest funny images for your photo content. However, the source still does not identify people, only places, landscapes, attractions and animals.

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Create a meme with this image.

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Google Gemini
Gemini lets you create your own memes (Image: Screenshot/Ricardo Syozi/Canaltech)

2. Online games

Another option to use Gemini is to enjoy online games. There are Q&A games, crosswords, card games, and even board games – although they are limited to the chatbot format. Ask the bot for options or select a game to start with.

Gemini, let's play tic-tac-toe!

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Gemini can serve as a gaming companion (Photo: Screenshot/Riccardo Ciozzi/Technical Channel)


You can also ask Gemini to create drawings of objects or animals using ASCII codes, creating works of art with letters and numbers. For example:

Create a cat image using ASCII code.

Gemini also accepts games with ASCII code (Image: Screenshot/Ricardo Syozi/Canaltech)

Tips for writing your own commands in Gemini

Since the Google bot offers endless possibilities for its use, it is very useful to practice and improve your interactions with Gemini. Don't forget: the better the definition of the command, the better the response generated by the AI. Find out some tips:

  • Be clear about what you want;
  • Tell the AI ​​who it is to help with answers;
  • Define the bot's personality, for example: marketing assistant, running coach, social media assistant;
  • Explain the structure of your application in as much detail as possible;
  • If you don't get it the first time, don't stop trying, Gemini creates three drafts of each answer and you can always ask for more.

Also see the list of legal commands to be used in ChatGPT, outlining other parameter suggestions for Gemini's competitor that could work in other AI chatbots.

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In collaboration with Riccardo Ciozzi.