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10 Low Moments From The Age Of Ruthless Aggression – Top Ten #455

10 Low Moments From The Age Of Ruthless Aggression – Top Ten #455

Amazingly, having been around for much longer than Roman Reigns, it’s in the top ten! Oh yes! And did you look at that number over there? And it’s not days, this thing is weekly! How is there still strength and thoughts to walk here? Since I don’t really have the idea, I’ll say it’s you. And that’s all, it’s a pleasure to talk about this marginal art that has marked us so much since we entered adolescence, it turns out to be a good way to remember.

And that’s it, you drew the necessary bridge there from the front. Because that’s where we’re going, into an era that’s got a lot of us here into this frenzy. My generation is, at least, the “radical SIC” generation. That, either from setting off, or because schoolmates replay maneuvers on each other aroused interest… There they came face to face with the moment that made them stay. Everyone knows what your first contact was. And all of that is mentioned as a wonder because those times were like that. They were like everyone else. There was good and less good. Maybe this blurry vision really doesn’t allow us to see that there were some very silly or poorly executed angles at the time. Is it that realism – irony? No, because they remain happy memories! – Let’s look at ten moments from the so-called era of ruthless aggression … They may not have been so good.

There will be many, and it will depend on the criteria of each one and it’s not about tearing all these moments apart. This is also highlighted here: times were different, our visions were different … It is quite possible that we still like a lot of what is included here!

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