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10 Marvel Universe locations in the game

10 Marvel Universe locations in the game

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Finally, the web manager arrives for PC gamers, drawing attention with its version of the Remaster, which has the maximum possible graphics performance, in a game that was already beautiful in 2018, when it was released on PlayStation 4.

However, one of the points that bothered Sony players in Marvel’s Spider-Man, the 30fps limit, imposed by the console, would not be an issue now, allowing all the flexibility needed for our neighborhood friend to impress graphically.

With all the firepower of PC, we have more than just an increase in frame rate. The game can now be played at a much higher resolution than its previous versions.

Originally, Marvel’s Spider-Man, in its vast open world, has already brought iconic locations well known to thousands of Marvel fans, and easily recognizable to those who have been following the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) for the past few years.

a Bring 10 locations in the Marvel universe It’s on the great map of Marvel’s Spider-Man, so you can go back and see what it looked like in the remastered PC version.

Fisk Tower

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We open the list with one of the most obvious locations, the Fisk Tower in the game’s opening sequence, when the traditional villainous Wilson Fisk, better known as Kingpin, is arrested by Spider-Man. The event is responsible for triggering all the problems that will happen in Marvel’s Spider-Man plot, due to the power struggle taking place across the city.

Nelson and Murdock Advogadus

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And if we talk about Wilson Fisk, then it is easy to associate the villain with one of the heroes who dared to face his power in the alleys of Hell’s Kitchen: Daredevil.

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And since it was properly portrayed in Marvel’s Spider-Man, the neighborhood would be incomplete if it didn’t have the firm of attorneys Matt Murdock and Fuji Nelson. Fans of the “Fearless Man” can find the location in one of the corners of Hell’s Kitchen, however, unfortunately, the Marvel hero does not appear in the game to provide some help to Spider-Man.

Voguel Academy

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Speaking of Daredevil, the gym where Matt Murdock’s father trained is among the Hell’s Kitchen establishments featured in Marvel’s Spider-Man. In the Daredevil comics, and in his Netflix series, Matt also trains at this location for a while. Was he reckless inside during the course of the game’s story?

Codename investigations

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Jessica Jones is also present, in a way, in Marvel’s Spider-Man universe. Your Bureau of Investigation is one of the many locations that make up the Hell’s Kitchen setting during the game’s campaign. In the comics, the heroine also lives in the neighborhood, and in the Netflix series, she is one of the members of the “Defenders” group, in addition to Daredevil.

Rand Corporation

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Iron Fist Danny Rand is another member of Netflix’s “Defenders” who receives a cue in one of Marvel’s Spider Man Easter eggs. The Rand Corporation, a company that Danny inherited, is another memorial to be found in the game.

Oscorp Tower

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One of the scenarios that cannot be missing from the web head game is Oscorp Industries, which belongs to Norman Osborn, The Green Goblin of the Comics.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man, Norman appears briefly in a situation that could be part of the plot of a potential sequel to the game.

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daily trumpet

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Photographer Peter Parker’s workplace, Spider-Man in his “free time,” is crucial to unfolding the hero’s story, especially in his early years as a vigilante.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man, Peter is much older and no longer working on the Daily Bugle. JJ Jameson, his iconic former boss, also no longer works at the newspaper, as he is now a podcast maker.

Wakanda Embassy

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Black Panther in New York? At least it is possible to find a Wakanda embassy in the United States, in the world of Insomniac.

On the panel on the facade of the building, there is a tiger clearly indicating the hero of the fictional African country. During the game, Peter also makes a joke about the origin and origin of the hero.

secluded campus

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Among the coolest places to visit on Marvel’s Spider Man map is the Sorcerer Supreme’s house, where you can see the iconic window that points to the Eye of Agamoto, a classic item used by Doctor Strange. Unfortunately, as with the other buildings in the game, it is not possible to enter Stephen Strange’s house.

Avengers Tower

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Are the Avengers discreetly watching the performance of Spider-Man in the haunting universe? In the game itself, the largest group of Marvel superheroes does not appear, but according to Peter, they solve important problems on the West Coast. Could this be the formation of the West Coast Avengers?

These and other doubts hang in the air while playing Marvel’s Spider-Man, due to the presence of the Avengers Tower on the game map.

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Do you want to personally see these amazing locations on the game map? In addition to its recently released improved version of PRAÇAAnd the Marvel spider-man Also contains versions for Playstation 4 And the PlayStation 5.