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10 Original (and Less Obvious) Ways to Save Your Electric Bill

10 Original (and Less Obvious) Ways to Save Your Electric Bill

numberAt a time when energy prices are skyrocketing, we welcome all the savings tips – including the original, less obvious ones. do you agree?

“We are increasingly dependent on electronic devices and being online all the time, not to mention more basic needs such as using motorized transportation, turning on the light or having a refrigerator in the house. If there is an increasing importance Think of ways to save energy that don’t harm our way of life but are effective“, Says EDPin an article published on his website.

In this itinerary, the electric company offers 10 original tips for saving energy, which you can implement on your own or with your family:

1. “Keep the kids out of power.”

“Create a rule for your kids and make it a game, like ‘three days a week without screens.’ For example, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays kids should leave the TV, consoles, and tablet completely aside this way, not only does it help the environment and save the electricity bill Not only does it contribute to the discovery of other habits and feelings, such as reading, board games, or simple family conversations.”

2. Use your pet as a hot water bag

“It’s definitely an unconventional way to save energy, but it works. In winter, instead of heating water for a hot water bottle, or using electric blankets, put your pet on your lap. A dog’s body temperature ranges between 38°C and 39°C, in terms of Energy released, a dog weighing 10 kg emits at least 69 BTU just by being there.”

3. Give ports a break

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Port counters are small, automatic, inexpensive devices that plug into outlets and allow you to set their on and off hours. You can install timers in outlets of equipment that you know will be off for several hours and be excused from standby. For example, program a socket TV and timer so that it turns off between 1 and 8 in the morning.”

4. Make friends in your area: bet on local businesses

“If you’re one of those people who go to three different supermarkets because potatoes are cheaper in one, the best bread is sold in the other, but the third butcher is…forget about it. Fossil fuels are still the least suitable for and, unless you’re You drive an electric car, the mileage inefficiency is to be avoided. The neighborhood. When you shop in stores where you can walk or bike, you are contributing to the health of the planet.”

5. Put mirrors next to windows

“Placing a large mirror strategically near a window allows you to make more effective use of natural light. Position the mirror so that sunlight falls on it and is reflected across the rest of the room. It is lit until the sun goes down completely, without the need for bright lights. In the summer, the sun goes down about approx. It’s nine at night, so the energy gain for this simple trick can really matter. Also, with the sun shining in the right position, it’s guaranteed to keep the curious eyes of the neighbors away.”

6. “Dundk” the freezer

“Fill it with water bottles, of course… It might sound weird, but by always filling the freezer, it prevents heat from entering and occupying empty spaces when the door is opened. So, when you don’t have enough food to fill it up, fill it up with bottles or groups This way you increase the efficiency of the equipment, by preventing it from having to expend extra energy to compensate for the heat that goes in, every time you open the door.”

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7. Do not wash the dishes by hand

“If you’re looking for an excuse to never hand wash dishes and pans again, you’ll find it here. Consumer studies have proven that washing dishes by hand, or even rinsing with water before putting them in the dishwasher, is very little waste — of the water and the energy needed to heat it up. So, remove Well leftovers (if you need to, help lay out a sheet of newspaper) and put dishes straight into the dishwasher. Run it only when it’s completely full.”

8. Broadcast your thoughts: put your clothes in the sun

“This habit, so common in Europe and environmentally friendly, in the United States is the least common way to save energy. Most Americans really prefer to use a dryer, but the consequences are quite negative: not only because of the light (and the environment), but because clothes wear out faster, which It means they need to be replaced frequently. So choose the European recipe: take advantage of the clean and inexhaustible source of energy that is the sun to dry your clothes.”

9. Make the oven an ally

“There are several ways to make your oven an ally against waste. Avoid preheating whenever possible and use the oven only to cook quantities that are justified – for smaller dishes, choose a microwave or mini oven. o Seven minutes before finishing cooking, as preheating is kept during This period.In addition, using it more in winter helps to cool temperatures inside the house without resorting to air conditioning equipment.If it is baked, turn off the oven and leave the door open to warm the kitchen.

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10. Unleash the Inspector Tool in You: Invest in Home Automation

“Getting your home appliances to work remotely or automatically seems like something from the future, but there are actually many solutions that can make it easier. EDP, for example, has EDP re:dy, an app that provides a comprehensive view of the equipment for you. You have it at home. It allows you to control them wherever you are, in addition to recording the consumption of each of them and even making predictions of the value that your next bill will receive, so you can evaluate the savings in real time. This solution is available in Portugal and Spain “.

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