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10 years of Skyrim, one of the best RPGs in history

10 years of Skyrim, one of the best RPGs in history

Today, November 11, 2021, is the 10th anniversary The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The fifth game in the Bethesda franchise and the first in this universe for many players was released in 2011 for Play station 3And Xbox 360 And the computer. In my case, I had a short interaction with the previous one, Oblivion, but my computer at that time didn’t support the game and I had to uninstall it. Until I finished one day Crash into a live trailer from Skyrim. It was love at first sight.

Currently, Skyrim may receive some criticism due to its continuous releases over these 10 years, but you cannot deny the power and impact of the vast open world that Bethesda has created. With an exciting world, full of adventures and puzzles to unravel, the fifth game in the franchise ancient scrolls It is one of the best RPGs in history and one of the most influential games of the last decade.

In fact, to celebrate the game’s anniversary, Bethesda launched The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition NS PS4And PS5And Xbox Oneand Xbox Series X | S and PC. In addition to the base game and all the expansions available after the release, the title adds a hunting mechanic, in which more than 20 creatures can be captured.

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Before we get into the emotional part of the script, we need to talk about evolution Skyrim. The game was actually designed in 2006, right after the release of The Fourth Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. However, production of the game only began in 2008, after another great game from Bethesda: fallout 3. Skyrim It was created with the Creation Engine, a graphics engine created by the studio itself that has been the cornerstone of many of the developer’s titles.

The initial concept was that Skyrim, different from amnesiaIt will look more realistic. Unlike its predecessor’s more medieval fantasy, the fifth game in the franchise should set a more sedate tone to its buildings, armor, and characters. Although containing many cool items, the structures and cities of the fifth game in the franchise have the primitive aspect of medieval buildings.

From the start, it was one of the details that attracted the most attention Skyrim was a system Draw the distance (Maximum distance from objects displayed in a 3D environment). Within the game, if you see a mountain on the horizon, no matter how far away, it will likely be explored. This sumptuous feeling of freedom, that the game world is huge and exploitable, is one of the greatest strengths of Skyrim. How many times has a player not run into a dragon roaming the road, right?

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Speaking of gameplay, that’s right Skyrim It probably didn’t have the most polished fight back then – not least because in 2011 we already had great franchise games. Batman Arkham NS Doctrine killer About. But even using a fighting style similar to the style fallout 3Fun game in possibilities. You can either be a fighter using a sword and shield or an archer who abuses stealth to inflict extra damage on your enemies. Don’t you want to wave a sword? Well, use the most diverse spells in the game. Do you want to use magic and weapons? You can too. Do you want to summon the most diverse items? Just look for books that teach spells.

set of options that Skyrim Delivery to the player, who can start out as a simple warrior and suddenly become a magic wizard, is something that, to this day, not many RPGs can reproduce with the same perfection. Also, if we count the game expansions, you can still become a werewolf or even a professional vampire thanks to the DLC Dawnguard.

Photo: Disclosure / Bethesda

Speaking of monsters, the races in Skyrim It is also very interesting and diverse. You can be a Dark Elf, a Forest Elf, an Argon (a type of Draconata), a Khajiit (an anthropomorphic cat), a simple human (ever, right?) and so on. Each race has its own characteristics and situations that change their negative traits and affect the way the NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) interact with the protagonist. Khajits, for example, are merchants and suffer from prejudice, with many believing that they are all thieves. Scandinavian humans (Nord, in the game) have great resistance to cold.

All the races in the game come from the franchise ancient scrollsThis helps to give the necessary depth in your selection. Unlike other games, which make you choose your ethnicity or origin which adds a little to the overall experience, in Skyrim It makes a lot of difference. Even if the role of the Dragonborn hero is assumed, being Argony or Khajit can cause problems. Elves, then, don’t even talk.

Mechanics and races aside, let’s talk a little bit about history Skyrim. Here, your character has been caught trying to flee the country, as she is paired up with the Stormcloacks, a rebel group battling the Empire. The game’s opening sequence is used to this day in jokes by the gaming community, with the black screen slowly clearing and one prisoner saying “Hey, you’re finally awake”. However, the entire initial development, with your character saved from execution by Alduin’s attack on the imperial settlement, remains very impressive and exciting.

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The game’s “tutorial” continues until you reach Whiterun and kill your first dragon. And if, even after doing that and hearing the game sounds echo as your character absorbs the soul of this amazing being, you’re not convinced that you need to keep playing, I don’t know what it takes to change a mind’s mind.

coolest in Skyrim Is that your main mission as the Dragonborn can be put aside completely so you can do whatever you want. To this day, I remember that the first time I played I joined Comrades, a guild of warriors based in Wittrain. As I progressed through the story and taking on quests alongside the characters, the chance of becoming a werewolf soon arose. I accepted without even thinking twice. I used shift to my advantage a few times during my first ride, always at times when I saw that my character and her partner wouldn’t handle the situation.

Photo: clone/bethesda

Then, by luck, I fell into the task that gave me the Ring of Hircine, a being that allowed the character, after completing the activity, to transform into a werewolf at all times. There I felt Skyrim It can put the player in control of his story. Because of this feeling of being able to do what I want, many hours have been spent. Enough, unfortunately, to burn my old laptop processor from playing so much – it just didn’t have good ventilation to withstand constant gaming. That was when the Xbox 360 rescued me, although the console version of the game wasn’t the best – at least I was still playing.

In this, I convinced my parents to buy me a computer. You searched the internet for the best place to run SkyrimAnd so I did. If you played before Sheikh Scrolls 5 In terms of quality, running at 30fps, I can now experience all the glory of the game. From there, I moved on to the mods, new weapons, visuals, missions, and features that made the game never get old for me.

Even today, that desire to play SkyrimLike nostalgic to visit an old house I used to live in, or eat that dish your mom makes whenever you order it. Bethesda’s vast game world has a lot of bugs, of course, like the classic game where your character hits his head somewhere while jumping and gets stuck in the animation while walking, as if he’s flying.

Photo: Disclosure / Bethesda

But this does not erase all the adventures that I had in the game. And I think it’s the good moments that stay in the heart of fans Skyrim, In the end. Discovering side quests, spending a lot of time uncovering the secrets of the College of Winterhold, waging the Civil War in parallel with the return of the dragons, there is a lot of history and a lot to do. The entire world of this game is a toy chest that is ready to be used and explored freely by the player. As the years go by, even if some aspects are old, Skyrim It is still one of the best RPGs of its time.

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This is because we haven’t mentioned the Shouts issue yet. The way the game works has always been the words in the language of dragons and how the strength of your character can be felt through the effect of each wonderful word. classic ru dah winHe who throws his enemies away is a combination Skyrim for the player. An RPG that allows you to explore every aspect of your vast and rich world, this will put you in a prominent role in this world, while you build your progressive legacy of Tamriel. In the end, killing the dragon is just adding the icing on the cake.

But the power of words stands out literally. Differentiation Skyrim It puts the player in a new perspective of a fantasy universe. Being able to absorb the souls of dragons and use the power of the enemy against them, we are in a very exciting position of strength. After all, who doesn’t love dragons?

Photo: Disclosure / Bethesda

With so many aspects involved, Skyrim It remains a standard in the genre – not just for the past decade, but as a whole. Combining everything Bethesda has learned over the years with open-world RPGs, this is the fifth game in this saga Sheikh manuscripts It is a game changer of the franchise and a milestone in the genre. Whether it’s exploring dungeons and caves, taking part in the war between the Stormcloacks and the Empires, or saving the world from Alduin, Skyrim It is still an ultimate experience and highly recommended to anyone who loves RPGs.

Forget about the re-releases that made the game a “joke” in the gaming community, Skyrim We must remember what it is. A very powerful RPG, with many possibilities to shape your character and be whatever you want. Which is why, even 10 years later, it remains a comfortable game for me and many other players. Whether you are downloading mods or playing the default base game, the experience remains fun and satisfying.

Some of the newer games probably wouldn’t have the layer of depth that they do today if Skyrim didn’t exist. It is a fact that he was the inspiration for many versions that came later. This is exactly why Skyrim It deserves to be remembered and celebrated.