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100% red apple is a Science Connection theme

100% red apple is a Science Connection theme

A 100% red apple, developed by Brazilian researchers, promises to be a hit with consumers. As a result of a natural mutation, Purple Gala has an intense and uniform red color on the skin. Researcher Paulo Ricardo Oliveira, of Embrapa Grape and Wine (Bento Gonçalves/RS), is this week’s Science Connection guest. He talks about the importance of this characteristic for apples that meet market demands.

“Even with the heat and drought that occurred in this latest crop, the new variety was able to maintain its intense red colour. This is a huge difference compared to others on the market,” Oliveira commented during the interview. According to him, in addition to this intense coloring, the homogeneous size provided the Purple Gala fruits with a CAT 1 rating, the most valuable category for more than 90% of the packaged pieces.

According to the researcher, the new apple has won excellent market acceptance. “The issue of color is fundamental because, from a sensory point of view, the consumer’s decision is closely related to the color aspect. In addition, it is an opportunity to take advantage of apple exports in Brazil, where there is already a worldwide movement of interest in gala varieties with this characteristic,” he explained.

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