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11 for Porto and Benfica in the derby match

11 for Porto and Benfica in the derby match

Take a look at the eleven starting matches presented by Sérgio Conceição and Nélson Veríssimo in the classic Round 16 of the tournament, starting at 9pm.

Fabio Vieira and Pepe are the new additions to the 11 of the Porto team in the derby match, without forgetting Diogo Costa, who ranks in the goal in the league matches. Regarding the Portugal Cup match, last Thursday, Sergio Conceicao Diaz, who is infected with the Covid-19 virus, and Evanelson were not punished.

In his debut, Nelson Verissimo introduced several new features: Morato, Everton, Goncalo Ramos and Yaremchuk, who replaced the suspended Otamendi, Tarapet, who was relegated to the bench of his choice, injured Grimaldo and injured Darwin Nunez, as well as Flashodemus, instead of by Helton Milk.

Eleven from FC Porto: Diogo Costa, João Mario, Mbemba, Fabio Cardoso, and Zedo; Uribe and Vittinha; Ottavio, Fabio Vieira and Pepe; Tarim.

Subs: Marchesin, Manava, Wendell, Joao Marcelo, Sergio Oliveira, Bruno Costa, Francisco Conceicao, Corona and Tony Martinez.

Eleven from Benfica: Flacodymus. André Almeida, Vertonghen, Morato and Gilberto; Rafa Weigl, Joao Mario and Everton; Gonzalo Ramos and Yarchuk.

Subs: Hilton, Diogo Gonçalves, Lazaro, Ferro, Mitti, Pizzi, Tarapet, Paolo Bernardo, Seferovic.

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