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Emoção! Cláudio Ramos recorda dia marcante da filha: “12 anos depois a Leonor recebe o mail que confirma a sua entrada na faculdade…”

“12 years later, Leonor received the email confirming that she had entered college…”

Claudio Ramos took to Instagram on Saturday, September 10, to share with his followers a “imprint” of the memory “Facebook put in front of him”, since the day his daughter entered elementary school, which ended up in conjunction. The date, 12 years later, in which young Leonor received an email confirming that she had now entered college.

Proud of the trip, the TVI presenter begins by explaining: “I already know I’m kind of sick of this date and most of you tell me I’m an ‘old soul’ to get so attached to dates and things like that. I really think there is meaning. Today Facebook reminded me that exactly 12 years ago Leonor started his first year school adventure Elementary in Villa Boim. Same thing I went to.”begins to write.

“Back then, I would have been restless, proud and normal fears of a father seeing his daughter start school. Today, 12 years later, Leonor receives an email confirming her college entrance. The date is clearly a pretty coincidence, but it still makes me think of the path that has been taken. Made it in these 12 years”, It can still be read.

“A beautiful path, helps me believe that we have done well and in some way, welcomes the heart of a father, who is bursting with pride at this time but has the same fears and anxieties that he had 13 years ago. This is life. An amazing and beautiful cycle that we must appreciate and thank”, Presenter concluded.

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