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120 minutes of fighting and 10 penalties - Eintracht wins Europa League

120 minutes of fighting and 10 penalties – Eintracht wins Europa League

The fans of both the teams came to this match in an incredible way. Many of them have become blind, without even a ticket, expecting luck in the capital of Andalusia. It added a lot to the heart of this match and the ground was very much alive with it.

The first half was a draw on the field and in the arena. You can also find other similarities between footballers and fans. The Rangers held the ball well, but Intract was in a very dangerous situation. There were more blue jerseys on the stand, but the German fans were louder.

The stand was on fire and there was little light on the grass. In the first minutes, Lundstrom collided with the road, which ended with a long break and a big header to Germany.

He created the first good opportunity CameஅடWho tripled in the penalty area. He diverted his effort MacrigorHe caught the ball in front of the penalty area To sowHowever, the experienced goalkeeper quickly regained his position and confidently caught the eye of the Indrac player.

He also showed his strength Philip Caustic. The Serbian player took the ball under his penalty area and scored the other shot within 10 seconds. The ball just crossed the pole.

The Rangers responded with a shot Aribo Penalty area and before the title Jonah LandstromaIn a corner from the trap.

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The Englishman was one of the standout characters in the first 45 minutes overall, and his tactical responsibility involved different levels at different levels of the game, keeping pace with his team.

The second half got off to a fantastic start for Scotland. Chow tried to head the ball to the stoppers, but he did it accurately, resulting in a one-on-one pass to Aribo. The Ranger sniper did not lose his head and took his team to the lead with a confident shot and completely “set fire” to the blue area of ​​the field.

Eintracht had to move forward, and every minute he worked harder and harder. 10 minutes after the goal for the Rangers, Kamata was in good form, with its lobe descending from a dozen or more meters into the top net.

After 120 seconds Bore behaved better. Gostic sent a superb ball into the penalty area, and the Colombian beat Goldson, who got it close to the post from five meters.

After this goal, every next minute, both teams began to translate their concentration on defense more and more so as not to give up the goal in the final stages of the match.

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They started extra time very boldly Rangers. They took more pressure and kept their competitors far away from their target. However, the Scottish team may have provided the target for their rivals.

Was guilty BusseyThe one who acted very irresponsibly and lost the ball favorably WarHe rushed towards the goal, but only hit the side net.

Shortly after turning the pages, Paris decided to shoot from a distance. It was a dangerous attempt, Kevin Trap responded carefully on goal. After a while, we got a response from the other side. Hrustick hit from outside the penalty area and cleverly sent the ball to the ground, but he was not accurate.

The Rangers can snatch the trophy at the last minute. Defenders missed the roof replacement, who hit a perfect return ball to the front, where Davis closed the shot. Trop made a fantastic intervention, blocking the opponent’s shot the last time.

Goalkeeper Eintracht also caught the Tavernier free-kick in the final game of the game.

Penalty kicks got into a dramatic situation as many players from both teams complained of cramps and fatigue at the end of extra time. The brilliant weather in Seville certainly did not help, forcing the hydration break.

Both sides received penalties following a goal with a blue Glasgow fan jersey. The series probably began with James Tavernier, to which Lens responded successfully.

More players are guaranteed to win until Aaron Ramsey’s turn. The experienced Welshman hit the worst shot and Trap used his chance.

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The game ended in a draw. Bore used his “eleven” confidently and won the trophy for Frankfurt and an unforgettable night for his tens of thousands of fans.

Eintracht Frankfurt 1-1 (rz.k. 5-4) Rangers FC

Goal: 69`pore – 57`aripo

Cards: 62`Aribo, 73`Wright

Unity: Trap – N`Dicka (100`Lenz), Toure, Tuta (59`Hasebe) – Knauff, Sow (106`Hrustić), Rode, Kostić – Lindstro (70`Hauge), Kamada – Borre

Rangers: McGregor – Parisic (117`s Roof), Passy, ​​Goldson, Tavernier – Lundstrom, Jack (74`s Davis) – Camera (91`s Arfield), Wright (74`s Ramsay) (117`s Ramsey), Kent – Aribos (101`sands) ))