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13-year-old boy shot in the head by police during Sporting celebrations - News

13-year-old boy shot in the head by police during Sporting celebrations – News

No Inquiry report on PSP interference in the context of the festivities promoted by Sporting Clube de Portugal (SCP), held on May 11 and 12, 2021, we read the following:

Having learned, through social networks, that the SCP team carried out a ceremonial procession through the Marquis de Pombal Square, the father went to the place “taking with him his son who is under 13 years old”, after “everyone arrived at the scene at 22:34”. “.

At about 3:50 a.m., the father and son found themselves “in the meeting area between Avenida Fontes Pereira de Mello and Piazza Marques de Pombal, on the side of Parque Eduardo VII, in front of a group of fans throwing glass bottles around the police”.

Seven minutes later, the electric trio carrying the Lions soccer team arrived at the Marquis de Pombal.

Immediately after the first bus of the convoy passed, “the 13-year-old was hit by an unknown bullet fired by the police and hit him in the right parietal region, wounding him. He fell to the ground.”

The report added that “the minor was assisted by a rescue team of firefighters inside the security perimeter.”

MAI says Sporting has not cooperated. The Lions remind the minister that the club does not enforce the rules.

This report was submitted on Friday by the Minister of Internal Administration, Eduardo Cabreta, and made available for public consultation on the IGAI website.

In presenting this report, Eduardo Cabreta said that “Sporting Club de Portugal He did not respond to any requests for clarification made by IGAI”, which the club objects to.

As stated at the press conference, the Inspector General of Internal Administration, Anabella Cabral Ferreira, “Sporting Club de Portugal and Sporting Sade have requested seven sets of documents, but we have not received any answers and we understand that the failure to respond does not lead to a further extension of the investigation beyond The specified period of 60 days.

Al-Faladi Club considered, in a statement issued at the beginning of Friday evening, that “the statements of the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo Cabreta, regarding the celebration of the 23rd title of the national football champion last May, very seriousAccording to the club, “the minister’s deep ignorance of the facts that led to the transfer of information to the public domain that absolutely does not correspond to what actually happened is regrettable.”

Sporting says that “the plan implemented in celebration of the title was the result of a proposal that was discussed, accepted and planned by all parties, and even the original proposal did not appear by Sporting CP”.

However, this is not what appears in the report, which attributes to the SCP proposing a procession to the Marquis de Pombal.

The club also says that “several scenarios were discussed with the authorities. Among them, the possibility of celebrating exclusively inside the stadium was discussed at a meeting held at MAI on May 7 and none of the entities ended up accepting the proposal (…)”.

According to the report, this has been the option that PSP has championed at various times.

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The final decision on how the festivities will be held comes just a day before the party, in a note signed by Eduardo Cabrita stating that “the three alternatives mentioned have been analyzed.” [festejos no interior do estádio, festejos em zona exterior controlada, cortejo com trio elétrico]and “Lisbon City Council and the SCP approved the third alternative.”

Then orders are given by MAI for the PSP to contact CML and SCP to ensure the safety of the ceremonies.

However, the club confirmed in response to the minister’s criticism that the club “participated in the meetings in a cooperative manner” and states that “it is not Sporting CP that imposes rules on the DGS, the PSP, the Ministry of Home Administration or the government”.

However, the conclusions of the report stated: “Although going to any time he accepts any kind of ceremonial decide, i.e. to do nothing, his position before offering alternatives shows the opposite. And the SCP would be irreducible In the decision to promote the show, even after the interventions of the PSP and the Assistant General Manager of Health (…). SCP never considered the possibility of simply not holding any celebrations outside the stadium.”

But what does the report actually say? Troubled Party Chronology

About two months before the thirty-second flight [em março]Sporting contacted the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Internal Affairs “to request a preparatory meeting for the celebrations of the Supreme Committee for Sports Affairs. The request remained unanswered” because it was still far from the end of the tournament” and it was so. It was “premature” and the meeting will only take place in May.

– Next month, in AprilThe City of Lisbon (CML) contacted the PSP in order to hold a preparatory meeting. The PSP refused to participate in the meeting.

– in a day 3/05/2021Just eight days before the party, the municipality sends an email to the PSP, making it available for “steps appropriately taken to support the work of the PSP in managing” the festivities.

– in a day 6/05/2021Sporting is communicating with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Internal Administration again to set a date for the aforementioned meeting to prepare for the celebrations. On the same day, at CML, a meeting took place between the municipality, the SCP, the leadership of the city of Lisbon and the Lisbon Municipal Police.

At this meeting, which discussed “the SCP’s proposal for festivities on the public road with a bus procession through the city, passing through the Marques de Pombal” and “the team’s reception in Paços do Concelho”, the PSP said it “ensures safety at any event”, while drawing attention to the conglomerate potential for people during a pandemic.

The representative of the Directorate General of Health (DGS) attended the “opposition to organizing celebrations on the public highway, to highlight the current epidemiological situation” at this meeting, five days before the celebrations, “no decision has been taken regarding the celebrations on the public road.”

– The next day , 7/05/2021, a meeting was held at the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) with the SCP in which the PSP, CML and a representative of the DGS also participated.

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Sporting’s proposal was to have a “first moment inside the stadium (with sponsors, restricted guests and the media)” and a second moment, after the match, “of communication between the SCP team and the crowd, with a procession to carry out Alvalade. to Praça do Marquês de Pombal”. It also demanded “the recourse to a highway ladder by the regiment of firefighters to place a sash over the statue of the Marquis Pombal”, an idea that would eventually fall apart.

The Palestinian Socialist Party said, “It preferred holding celebrations inside the stadium and was against the procession.” However, according to the report, “a representative of the National Directorate of Public Security Police, where he works in the Operations Department, was instrumental in the meeting, but was completely underestimated by the Higher Committee for Social Planning.”

But there was no consensus and the meeting ended without any decisions being taken.

– It was also today 7/05/2021 That young Leonina contacted the authorities (CML, PSP) to report the investigation of an “event they called a demonstration”, with “there being a car where they would broadcast the game and with music”. The report was then sent to the Ministry of the Interior and the Municipal Police.

(When asked about this issue by Eduardo Cabreta, while presenting the report, he considered it a “clearly abusive use of the image of the right to demonstrate”)

– Only a day 9/05/2021Two days before the festivities, the Registration Standing Committee received “unofficial news” that “there will be permission to hold the procession.”

– The next day , 10/05/2021The National Directorate of Public Security Police sends a letter to the USDA in which three scenarios are considered: 1) Celebration inside the enclosure. 2) An improvised container in the Marquês de Pombal, 3) The use of an electric tricycle / procession on public roads.

On that note, PSP again recommends “celebration within a sports venue” as the “favorite format”. Only as a last resort, he says, should the march be carried out because of the “high degree of unpredictability with regard to the maintenance of public order and the high risk”.

As for the “demonstration” made by the young Leonina, it is proposed to outline the circumference through bars; Access control through personal searches and inspections to comply with the rules inherent in the epidemic, such as the use of masks and social distancing.”

The CML also appeals, by e-mail, to reject the Leonina Youth request for giant screens at these demonstrations “because this fact will lead to rallies”. However, CML claimed that it was unaware of this connection. The conclusions of the report stated that “it became clear (…) that any event reported to CML as a manifestation is treated as such, regardless of its nature”. It was also clarified that “the CML lacks jurisdiction to assess or limit the right to demonstrate”.

Also on 10/5/2021, a memorandum signed by Eduardo Cabreta reads: “The three alternatives mentioned have been analysed. [festejos no interior do estádio, festejos em zona exterior controlada, cortejo com trio elétrico] At last Friday’s meeting. The third alternative was approved by the Lisbon City Council and the Standing Committee for Planning.

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Then orders are given by MAI for the PSP to contact CML and SCP to ensure the safety of the ceremonies.

– in a day 11/05/2021On the day Sporting would become the national football champion, a youth “demonstration” for Leonina was scheduled for 14:00, but at that time the security service had not yet been installed by the PSP. The Operational Command Center is activated only at 2:30 pm, and only at 4:00 pm has it arrived at José Alavade Stadium, where vehicles with giant screens are parked.

And what were the results of IGAI?

The Inspectorate General of Internal Administration (IGAI) concluded that PSP “globally” “completed its mission” during Sporting’s celebrations as a national football champion, with no disciplinary action opened over its performance.

The Inspector General of Internal Administration, Annabella Cabral Ferreira, said at the press conference to present the report on the role of the Public Security Police in the Sporting festivities.

The inspector general admitted that the PSP could have “behaved in a better way” in the stadium and at the Marquês de Pombal, but that it, “which is universally appreciated”, accomplished its task, which “was in a very difficult setting”. “The conditions in which the pacifist Socialist Party acted were actually very difficult, despite this it managed to carry out its mission,” he said, noting that it acted “in an epidemic scenario where there were thousands of people on the street,” in addition. On to the bus with the team arriving at Marquês de Pombal around 4:00 AM, there was “great excitement”.

The IGAI also stated that the PSP had taken disciplinary action after the intervention of an agent that resulted in the injury of a person, and this process has been recalled and is “currently ongoing at the General Inspectorate of Internal Management”.

It was also announced that the authority will open an investigation process to follow up on criminal complaints arising from police actions that have been denounced to justice, and which have been submitted so far.

It is noteworthy that Sporting was crowned Portuguese football champion on May 11 for the nineteenth time, 19 years after the last achievement, and during the celebrations there were clashes between the fans and the police.

At the time, the PSP noted, in a statement, that the celebrations of sports fans in some places in Lisbon resulted in “relevant changes in public order” and that it was necessary to strengthen the police apparatus “to restore public order and calm” and “contain the disturbances” that is In “throwing dangerous objects in the direction of the police, including glass bottles, stones, and fireworks, which also infect other citizens.”

The PSP alleged that it used law enforcement, including shooting rubber bullets, to address “disorderly and hostile behavior by some supporters”.

Three people were arrested, 30 others were identified, and 63 explosive devices were confiscated by the police.

(Updated at 9:14 pm with new information in the report)