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14 free games and apps on Google Play Store for Android

14 free games and apps on Google Play Store for Android

In the middle of the week, we bring you a new list of good paid apps that you can install, for a limited time, without paying on your Android tablet or smartphone. All content is in the official store of this operating system, Google Play Store.

We offer a bunch of productivity apps with useful tools, as well as tons of games for your phone, which is a great feature to pass the time. Finally, we make good personalization apps known for your mobile device.

The content is presented in the form of a list for easier understanding, with the usual price also indicated in front of each content. In addition, the direct link to the Google Play Store is indicated, as well as the duration of each opportunity.

Android general use apps

  1. Gallery No Ads – Photo Manager, Gallery 2020 Cost: €0.59 – Free for 4 days
  2. Best U – Be Happy and Feel Great Every Day – Cost 1.99 € – Free for 6 days

Above you can download two general purpose apps for the respective mobile devices for free. The first is a gallery app with more advanced options that promise to help you organize your collection of photos and videos on your phone or tablet.

The second app is a fun and intuitive way to receive motivational tips for each new day.

Games to install on your Android smartphone

  1. Stickman Legends: Shadow Fight Offline Paid Games – Cost 0.79 € – Free for 5 days
  2. Modern US Sniper Shooter 3D – Cost 1.19 € – Free for 6 days
  3. [VIP] +9 Fares Barakat – The Cash Knight – Cost 9.99 € – Free for 7 days
  4. Bulbs – Game of Lights – Cost 0.79 € – Free for 7 days
  5. Legend Guardians: Epic Heroes Fighting Action RPG – Cost 0.59 € – Free for 7 days
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Secondly, we have put together a good selection of games. excellent Which you can install now without paying. Downloading is always done through the Google Play Store for added security, as well as the ability to consult user reviews and opinions there.

We have RGP games as well as puzzle games, and some fighting and action games are now free. It’s a short list, but it still has good titles like Stickman Legends, a popular and fun action game for your Android tablet or smartphone.

Personalization apps for Android

  1. Kitticon Box – Icon Pack – Cost 1.79 € – Free for 6 hours
  2. Black Hexagon – Icon Pack Cost: €0.59 – Free for 7 hours
  3. Hexagon Dark – Icon Pack. Dark Hexagon – Icon Pack Cost: €0.59 – Free for 7 hours
  4. White Hexagon – Icon Pack Cost: €0.59 – Free for 7 hours
  5. Lines Square – Neon Icon Pack Cost: €1.19 – free for one day
  6. Dark Tear – Icon Pack– Cost: 0.59 € – Free for one day
  7. Theme for Xperia – Red Flowers Fall Cost: €0.59 – free for 2 days

Thirdly, we recommend a good set of applications for those who want to change the overall look and design of their Android tablet or smartphone. With these applications, you can, for example, change the default appearance of application icons by the system.

These are small customization options that can make a big difference to the overall look of your mobile device interface. Note, however, that each of these apps has its own design, so you should choose carefully.

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Finally, if you want more free apps on the Google Play Store, check out the previous selection, but faster!

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