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143 million of the proceeds from the 5G auction will pay the roads

143 million of the proceeds from the 5G auction will pay the roads

This was the solution to reduce the PRR fee. The funds will be compensated by funds from Portugal 2030.

The €566.802 million that the state will allocate with the 5G auction will be deposited in a Digital Transformation Fund, with the expectation, in accordance with the National 5G Strategy, that it will be used to finance projects related to digital transformation and inclusion. But, contrary to the strategy designed more than a year ago, the first investments that the government decided to fund with millions of 5G networks are road projects.

In accordance with Cabinet Decision No. 46-A / 2021, which dates back to May this year, the government has authorized Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) to use up to 143 million euros of the total amount generated by the 5G auction, which the National Telecom Authority will have to (Anacom) deposited in state coffers.

The road projects that will be financed by 5G are IC35 – Sever do Vouga / IP5 (A25); link to IP3 of the provinces in the south [V.N. de Poiares, Penacova, Lousã, Miranda do Corvo e Góis]; IC31– Castelo Branco / Monfortino; The EN341 – Alfarelos (EN342) / Taveiro (arrival at Alfarelos railway station); it’s the IC6 – Plank / solid wood.

According to the Cabinet Decision on the National 5G Strategy, dated February 2020, millions of 5G mobile phones should be used only in “creating measures to support projects to stimulate digital transformation and inclusion, specifically in the region for education, research, production of digital content and training or promotion of digital literacy, as well as On the digital transformation of companies and public administration, under the terms set by the government.”

Why is 143 million euros out of 567 million allocated for road financing? Pursuant to Resolution 46-A/2021, Chief Executive Officer Antonio Costa was obligated to withdraw from the Recovery and Resilience (PRR) plan for the above five road projects “in order to comply with a 20% reduction in the relevant value intended”, with respect to infrastructure for the country.

The solution found by Costa and Pedro Nuno Santos, Minister of Infrastructure and Housing (who oversees the IP and Anacom entities), was to turn to the fund from the 5G auction (which only ended at the end of October). In order not to penalize future projects in the scope of digital transformation and inclusion with this “loan” from the State Fund with proceeds from the 5G auction, the government decided that sums of up to 143 million withdrawn by IP will be recovered through the Portugal 2030 program (PT 2030).

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