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15 other parks in Belo Horizonte require yellow fever vaccination - General

15 other parks in Belo Horizonte require yellow fever vaccination – General

Parque das Mangabeiras will be one of the equipment that requires yellow fever vaccination or a term signature at the entrance (Photo: Leandro Couri/EM/DA Press)

Residents of Belo Horizonte who plan to visit the parks in the capital of Minas Gerais from next weekend need to be careful, because the equipment will require a yellow fever vaccination. The measure was only taken in two parks, but the rule began to be applied in 15 other places.

Previously, visitors to the parks Aggeo Pio Sobrinho and Jacques Costeau, both in the western region of Belo Horizonte, needed to show their vaccination card, as a dead monkey was found near the equipment. In the case of both sites, proof remains mandatory and the public needs to be vaccinated for at least 10 days.

At other parks, visitors who do not have proof of vaccination on hand must fill out a form, delivered by the park staff themselves, stating that they have already been vaccinated against yellow fever. The rule is the same for the above two devices: a person needs to be vaccinated for at least 10 days.

It should be noted that children under the age of 9 months cannot go to the parks, as injections are not allowed in the aforementioned audience.

“In some places, vaccination was already required, and as the appointments for visits expire, we are extending this control to other areas where such control is possible. It is a preventive measure that contributes to raising awareness among the population about the importance of vaccination”, said the President of Fundao de Parques Municipais e Zoobotnica (FPMZB), Sergio Augusto Dominguez.

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Monkeys are not transmitters

A warning issued by the municipality of Belo Horizonte (PBH) states that monkeys are not vectors of yellow fever to humans. The municipality’s executive director said the animals serve only as biological indicators of the presence of the virus in that area. In this way, the work of the public authority ends up gaining direction so that action can be taken to control the disease.

Parks that require a yellow fever vaccination card

– Agio Bio Sobrinho Park;

– Park Jacques Cousteau.

Parks that require a yellow fever vaccination card or completion of the semester

– Roberto Pearl Marx Ecological Park;

– Mangaberas Municipal Park;

– Serra do Coral Park;

– Renato Azeredo Ecological Park;

– Royal Park

– an ecological and recreational park in Bairro Chiara;

– Nossa Senhora da Piedade Park;

May 1st garden.

– Parque de Bayero Hava (Strelenha);

– Parque do Conjunto Estrela Dalva;

– Promoter of the Francisco Lins do Rigo Ecological Park (PEP);

Fazenda Lagoa do Nado Municipal Park;

– university ecological park;

– Parque Ecologico Vencesli Firmino da Silva;

– Elias Michel Farah Garden.

Amrico Renn Giannetti Municipal Park (temporarily closed).

Yellow fever vaccination schedule

– Children, when they complete 9 months of age, should take a dose;

– Children, when they reach the age of four, should take the booster dose;

-People between the ages of 5 and 59, who are not immunized or without evidence of vaccination, should take a dose;

People who received only one dose of the vaccine before the age of five should receive a booster dose.