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18 year old boy putting boavista there!  ::

18 year old boy putting boavista there! ::

Martim Tavares, an unlikely hero! At Besa, Boavista added another victory in a heated and uncertain match, with cases, penalties and expulsion changing the course of events. At the meeting between friends Betty and Mario Silva, the second smiled in the first half but cried In the end, as his childhood friend predicted in the preview. The 2-1 win was tough but deserved, and puts Boavista at the top of the tournament. It’s pretty early, but it’s a great sign of the new season. Reinforcements are still missing…

poisonous tiger

A week ago, also with this eleven (because there is still no green light for reinforcements), Boavista came into a crouched position against the offensive Portimonense and managed to score. Now, this first part was a bit the opposite. Checkers were better, more offensive, more finishing…but less effective.

Alano was one of the most resented Manuel Moraes/Capta

Santa Clara hit Bracalli’s goal only once, but reached the second half with a valuable advantage. as such? Through the genius of Rildo, who is still unknown and who did some bad behavior in the first part, as he seemed to be going at a low speed. Except for that shot, of course. He left Cannon behind, faced Abascal and Cannon himself, then passed Bracalli to score. Anyway, the best thing is to see it over here.

With space on the flanks, where Hamache was better than Malheiro, there was freedom to cross, but very little skill in the area to finish the match – Yusupha, who soon quarreled with his opponent, was especially confused in the role. Plus, the many shots from outside the area weren’t much of a problem for Marco.

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The advantage was short and there was little rest for Mario Silva, who once again saw Boavista more offensive in the second half.

Fresh red blood

Azorean security suffered a setback shortly thereafter, when Bruno Almeida was expelled. With 10, the defense became almost exclusive, despite attempts by Bobsin and Rildo to move the ball to safer areas.

Manuel Moraes / Capta +

Boavista grew, naturally, and it didn’t take long to reach a tie, with a Hamachi cross pass that Youssova (actually more oriented) swerved towards goal. However, that wasn’t enough, so Pettit risked changing the system by removing a defender to serve.

It wasn’t just a striker, it was young Martim Tavares, who quickly emerged from anonymity. In the first action, he responded to a cross from Malheiro on the right and made a return, to the madness of more than five thousand who were in Besa.

From there, the team managed the match more calmly, but without leaving much hope for Santa Clara. Bracali was practically no business and still sees, on the other hand, a festival of opportunity: Luis Santos and Gori were close to scoring and there was still a missed penalty from Youssova, who hit the post.