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19: - The World Health Organization announces a new measure for the Corona virus

19: – The World Health Organization announces a new measure for the Corona virus

New research by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that an estimated 17 million people suffered from the coronavirus for prolonged periods in the first two years of the epidemic in the European region.

According to the British Medical Journal British Medical Journal (BMJ), the World Health Organization is now warning that more countries must take the long-term corona seriously.

Research shows that 12.7 percent of COVID-19 patients are likely to have long-term symptoms.

According to the so-called “long-term Covid” Norwegian Health Informatics (NHI) covid-19 patients who develop illness lasting more than twelve weeks.

increases dramatically

in a report from WHO Regional Committee 72 The long-term risk of COVID-19 infection has been shown to increase significantly among COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization.

It appears that 10 to 20 percent of people who recover can develop long-term problems after COVID-19, Dr. Natasha Azopardi Muscat said during a WHO Europe press conference in Tel Aviv, Israel last week.

big need

Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, stated this at the meeting:

More analysis, more investment, more support and more solidarity are needed for those with this condition.

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For this reason, it is encouraging that more countries are investing in research and rehabilitation.

We need all countries in the WHO European region to realize that COVID-19 is a serious problem, with dire consequences, and requires a serious response for those affected by its exacerbation – and not only at the level of physical health, he said:

We hear stories of many individual tragedies, of people going through a financial crisis, having problems in relationships, losing their jobs, and getting depressed.

Thankful for cooperation

To help people living with COVID-19 for extended periods, announce Who is the Official partnership with Long COVID Europe.

This is a network organization of 19 patient associations based in member countries throughout the European region.

Ann Lee, CEO of Long COVID Europe, says she must have been ill for long periods of time.

– My husband and I contracted covid-19 in March 2020. I don’t have clear memories of that time, which doctors think may have been due to lack of oxygen, but all I remember is the pain, which I can’t breathe, because I’m so tired and I want to sleep all night the time. She says we are very grateful to formally cooperate with WHO.

We will see more cases

Reverse Who is the He told me we would see more COVID-19 cases during the colder fall and winter months.

As a result, we will see many more people infected with COVID-19 in the long term. That is why authorities and health authorities must act now, she said and continued:

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At a higher level, authorities must also recognize that many people with the virus for prolonged periods cannot return to work – as research now clearly shows.