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1Password 8 para iOS

1Password 8 arrives with news for iPhone and iPad

after existence Released for macOS in MayHey 1 password 8 Now available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The new version of the application was in exams On mobile devices since April, and based on user feedback, AgileBits has revamped its password manager app.

The most obvious change, as you can already see in the beta, is the design. 1Password 8 brings a new look, simpler and standardized across all platforms, as well as closer to systems language. On the iPad, for example, there is the mini sidebar, which is also found in other areas and apps.

Among the new features are the ability to customize the options displayed on the screen, improved suggestions and easier search, as well as faster access to saved items. The autofill function has also been improved, faster, more comprehensive, and compatible with more apps and websites. Another feature coming to mobile devices is groups, which allows you to create groups of lockers.

A notable novelty is Control tower (Control tower). Originally in the desktop version, the functionality was expanded on smartphones in the latest update, only a few limited points before that. Its purpose is to warn you if your passwords have been hacked, leaked, or anything like that.

Between updates, 1Password has been implementing other features, such as Facilitate logins with social networks and that from Generate spam emails for logins.

Over the past few years, we have made a concerted effort to standardize our design language. The updated designs result in a familiar and modern interface.

Michael FayVice President of Client Application Engineering at 1Password

It should be noted that in order to access all the features of the application, it is necessary to subscribe to it via $3/month (Single Edition) or $5 per month (With participation of up to five people). Also, this version 8 was released as a separate duo on the App Store, so you need to Manually download it there.

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