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2 smart watches for less than 80 euros

2 smart watches for less than 80 euros

Amazon Spain is known for its affordable promotions, and now it has two attractive smart watches at a promotional cost. The price of the Redmi Watch 3 Active and the CMF by Nothing Watch Pro is less than 80 euros.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3 Active

a screen: 1.83 inches

independence: Up to 12 days

sports: More than 100 modes

health: Monitoring heart rate, blood oxygen levels and advanced analysis of sleep quality

The 1.83-inch display has a curved crystal to withstand time and wear and also to make all the information easier to see.

The Redmi model has more than 100 sports modes, 10 of which are professional, but each mode is suitable for beginners.

It offers water resistance up to 5ATM and built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows you to answer or reject incoming phone calls on the paired smartphone.

CMY by Nothing Watch Pro

CMF image by Nothing Watch Pro

a screen: 1.96 inches

independence: Up to 13 days

sports: 110 modes

health: Monitor heart rate, stress levels, SP02, sleep quality, and hydration reminders

The CMF by Nothing Watch Pro is completely new to the market and is equipped with GPS, which allows access to more precise metrics and more precise geographical location as well.

With moderate use, it offers an autonomy of up to 13 days, but with intensive use, the battery life reaches 11 days.

It has 110 exercise modes, and its health features also include reminders so you never get dehydrated, as well as monitoring stress levels, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate.

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